About Us

Who We Are

Tesseract Learning is a young and dynamic digital learning solutions provider with strong ethos and ecosystem fostering creativity, innovation and team spirit helping them in providing optimal solutions to customers. Being the preferred eLearning partner to leading global customers, adds additional responsibility on us to deliver high quality products, always.

Our constant focus is on providing optimal yet cost-effective digital learning solutions. Our range of solutions cover eLearning, Mobile Learning, Microlearning, Adaptive Learning, Gamification and Game based learning, Augmented reality & Virtual reality, eLearning consultation, learning portals, integration of various applications with the LMS amongst others.

Innovation And Quality
That Goes Hand In Hand

Through constant innovation and adherence to highest quality standards, we create memorable learning programs, which are always delivered within the set timelines. By using unique learning strategies, we enable learners to perform better post the learning programs.

Be the need to develop a simple course rapidly or a complex game-based or VR course, we spend the required time to understand your training needs, analyze the training requirements, and apply right learning strategies to ensure the training create immersive experience and its roll-out is a success.

Creative Team

Our creative team comprises seasoned learning architects, instructional designers and visual architects who study the customer requirement in detail, bounce ideas and approaches to address the challenges of customers and suitably create learning strategies which improves learners efficiencies.

For technical projects, , our technical architects work with customers from initial stage to firm up the technical architecture and work with teams to deliver the optimal solutions.

Our Team Culture

Each team within Tesseract Ecosystem has a shared vision and passion to excel at their individual skills and at the same time work towards a common goal of delivering the most optimal and exciting solutions. Being the preferred partner to numerous customers, adds additional responsibility on us to deliver high quality products, always.

Our team comprises seasoned digital learning professionals who offer the right blend of expertise to make us the preferred eLearning partner to customers.

Learning Architects

Visual Architects

Technology Architects

Product Strategists

Instructional Designers

Visualizers and Graphic Designers

Technology Specialists

Quality Assurance

Program Manager and Project Managers

Our Architects and Product Strategists work closely with customers in understanding the training requirements in depth, and then other team members ensure the agreed strategy comes to life.

Our team is backed by an advisory team based in USA and Europe, who provide continuous guidance.

Set up a meeting with our Architects and Product Strategists, just send us an email to suresh@tesseractlearning.com