format_quoteAn adaptive mind has better learning capability.format_quote

- Pearl Zhu

Adaptive learning utilizes technology to deliver personalized learning, which aims to provide effective, efficient and customized learning programs to engage the learners. Adaptive learning solutions help to meet the needs of each learner’s learning process by adjusting the path and pace of learning, enabling the delivery of personalized learning material at required scale.

Learners' get what they need to learn

The key benefit for learners is that they are not provided with all modules in a program. Instead, they are provided with focused and required training modules which helps to increase the ROI for the organization. Personalized learning paths using adaptive learning solutions can be set using varied methods and technologies.

Personalized learning

How does Adaptive Learning work?

Adaptive learning

Adaptive learning solutions use algorithms to adapt learning for the learners. The algorithms process the best possible intervention given any number of actions taken by the learner.

For example, when the learner takes a test, the algorithms in the backend gauges the current understanding of the learner and adapts the modules according to the answers provided that helps identify the current gaps in learner understanding. Based on the performance of learners, the relevant modules will be provided to them.

Areas where a learner has scored low are addressed/remediated. Learners are provided with specific modules, series of questions, and materials to improve upon the identified areas.

This approach helps the learner to focus on what needs to be learned than worry about what is already known. This personalized content with the mix of interesting concepts, activities, gamified content creates better engagement of the learner which in turn will help them to enhance their performance.

Organizations can initiate this strategy with one-time effort that involves creation of pre-tests, libraries of modules, and assessments. Individual learners get only what they require, which is like social media feeds. We will be able to assist you with the required adaptive learning solutions to implement this with ease.


  • Healthcare learning portal


    This course was built using adaptive learning engine helped us to deliver personalized learning experience to each learner, which in turn reduced the training time by 50% and increased retention rates by 95% compared to traditional approach. This technology helps learners to tap their existing knowledge and confidence levels on the learning topics to deliver the personalized learning experience.

  • Healthcare learning portal

    Healthcare learning portal

    The customer wanted to create a platform that will identify the current understanding of the learners and then provide the required support to them on specific areas. Using the high-end technology in the backend and a HTML5 framework, we created a platform wherein the learners are first tested using varying types of assessments. Basis their performance, remedial measures were suggested.