11 Tips To Write Microlearning Strategy For Corporate Training

Millennials are taking over the corporate world, and with that comes the need for microlearning, and keeping it engaging. We need to discover ways that will not only teach your corporates new lessons but keep them engaged and interested. That’s where microlearning comes in. What is Microlearning? Microlearning is a teaching concept that breaks down […]

Custom eLearning: Q&A Model Combined With Scenarios LinkedIn Twitter Facebook

Introduction In this blog, I will discuss the merits of the technique of using rhetorical questions under the purview of the Q&A model in combination with scenarios for an effective and engaging Custom eLearning experience. Overview Consider these questions: Don’t you think David could have reached his sales target easily if he had handled the […]

Important Factors For Designing Mobile-Friendly Responsive Solutions

Introduction When creating Mobile-Friendly learning solutions or solutions that work seamlessly on mobile devices, certain factors need to be considered. In this blog, I will share few ideas based on our experience on what has worked well in creating responsive solutions. Overview – Intrinsic Advantages of Mobile Learning Before we delve into the responsive solution, […]

How to Write Winning Custom eLearning Strategy to Boost ROI

Thanks to a mixture of intense competition and constantly changing technology, corporations are facing a unique set of challenges. How do they remain competitive on a lean budget? One way to face this challenge is to create lean yet effective training strategies. eLearning initiatives are an important part of this. A solid eLearning strategy can […]

Unique Interactivities for Engaging Custom eLearning Courses

Custom eLearning courses need to be engaging and interesting for learners to consume and learn them. There are various ways to increase the engagement factor. One among them is using interactivities. The purpose of using interactivities is to make the learner learn by doing. This is usually done by challenging their mental faculties. The interactivities […]

Unique Gamification Solutions for Better Learning Outcomes

Gamification of training has become crucial for organizations to upskill their employees on complex concepts and processes. In my experience, gamification solutions work when we want to improve the retention rates, better application of learning to the job, and teach complex concepts in a fun and interesting manner. In this blog, I will be sharing […]

Microlearning and Gamification, a Healthy Mix for Ages

Microlearning and gamification can be combined with great results. In this blog, I will share few cases where we combined microlearning and gamification using the right strategy to create better learning experiences. Overview In my previous article on microlearning, Creating an Effective Learning Experience Through Microlearning Strategy I had noted, “Microlearning has emerged as an […]