Neuroplasticity And Its Role In Learning And Memory

Neuroplasticity has been a topic of discussion in the areas of brain research and development in the last few years. It refers to the ability of the brain to develop new connections between synapses due to various reasons. Few examples on the relationship between neuroplasticity and learning are shared in this blog. What is Neuroplasticity? […]

Blended Learning Model as an Effective Training Solution – Examples

Blended learning is an important model of learning where large amount of knowledge and skill-based content needs to be imparted in phases and redundancies need to be avoided. I will share few examples of blended learning in this write-up. What Is The Blended Learning All About? Blended learning is a model, where some or major […]

70-20-10 Model of Performance And Training Revisited

The 70-20-10 model is widely used in organizations across the world for implementing learning programs. In this blog, I will cover the model briefly and provide some thoughts on implementing it better for successful skilling of workforce. What is the 70-20-10 Model All About? The model 70-20-10 provides broad guidelines to organizations on providing learning […]

Creating Great Custom eLearning Courses Using Varied Interactivities

Custom eLearning courses can be built with varying strategies. One strategy that I have seen working is active learning, where we use a variety of interactivities to keep the learner engaged and hooked to the content. I will explore the same in this blog. Various Methods of Engagement In previous blogs, we have discussed how […]

Dramatic Use of Educational Data Mining in Corporate eLearning

Databases, Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, or predictive analysis all mean the same. In this article, I will be describing the usage of Educational Data Mining (EDM) for corporate eLearning. Data in Day-to-Day Life Every day 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created and stored in databases. Most of the decision-making daily is a result of […]

5 Distinct Uses Of Self-Directed And Adaptive Learning In A Corporate Habitat

Have you picked a new skill in the last years? Or studied a programming language on your own? In this article, I talk about the self-directed learning and its similarities with adaptive learning. How To Use Self-Directed And Adaptive Learning In A Corporate Habitat: 5 Ways To Consider People are enthralled by stories of individuals […]

Implementing Video-Based Learning Strategy Effectively In Corporate Learning

With the rising popularity of videos, even corporates are leveraging on using them for educating their employees. Videos can be human based or animated. How exactly video-based learning should be implemented is the focus of this article. Introduction Video-based learning is a powerful and effective method of learning new concepts. When implemented correctly, video-based learning […]

4 Tips On Making Your Microlearning Strategy A Success

With Millennials increasing in the corporate environs we need to keep our microlearning engaging. Here are four tips on how you can create a successful microlearning strategy. Introduction Microlearning is an interesting way of teaching concepts to, in short, focused nuggets or micro-bites. As a matter of fact, microlearning is a trend that is here […]

Using 4 Mat Model for Creating Engaging Digital Learning Experience

The 4Mat model of instruction design is an offshoot of the Kolb’s learning styles. How exactly it can be used to create better digital learning experiences is the focus of this article. Overview of the Model I have presented in my previous article on Kolb’s model that all learning happens due to real world experiences […]