Blended Digital Learning Solutions

When it’s blended, there is a lot that we can think about with respect to learning

“Blended Learning is not just a trend, and we are starting to see technology integrated in really intentional ways.” – Katie Linder

Blended Learning Solutions

What is ‘Blended Learning’?

Blended learning is an approach that combines the best of two worlds, classroom teaching or a virtual training session with periodic support of digital learning or vice versa. Modern learners are always on the move and must perform the dual job of learning new skills and performing optimally. A blended approach to training can make this happen. We also understand that the return on investment for any learning approach is driven by assessments, measuring performance, and then having the learning applied on the job and with a blended approach the learning outcome data that can be gathered is endless.

What value does ‘Blended Learning’ bring to learners?

In the short-term standardized digital learning will help learners complete their training quickly without the need of for an instructor. In the long- term, the organizations can combine the best of instructor-led training and digital learning for optimum performance of the learners with better impact.

Digital learning games add to the advantages. They increase engagement and retention rates. While classroom training can help learners understand complex concepts and perform group discussions and role-plays, digital learning helps standardize many aspects of training. Its main advantage is that it can be taken anywhere anytime.

Blended learning works well when instructor-led teaching and digital learning are mapped to the right learning outcomes. For example, instructor-led discussions can focus more on higher-level learning objectives such as application-level or evaluation level objectives. The digital learning sessions can focus on the LOTS (Lower Order Thinking Skills, such as remembering and understanding concepts).

Why should organizations and L&D teams invest in ‘Blended Learning’?

Blended learning as a learning strategy can be used to achieve both short-term and long-term goals. Today’s learners are always on the move and must perform multiple tasks requiring them to learn new skills and constantly upgrade their knowledge base.

Instructor-led training is not always sufficient to help learners. There are several reasons, including the availability of the trainers, training schedule, and time pressures.

What are the benefits of ‘Blended Learning’?

An organization reaps beyond imaginable proportions with the inclusion of blended learning.

  1. Increased retention of concepts learnt.
  2. Better engagement as there are multiple modalities of training.
  3. Better application of the learning, leading to increased productivity.
  4. Increased benefits due to increased engagement, participation levels, and performance improvement.
  5. Use of games and microlearning within the blend can take the learning and retention to the next level.
  6. Reduced learning isolation.
  7. More opportunities to create individualized development plans.

Blended learning can also be used as a viable solution of for the ‘Continuous Learning Journey’ experience for the learner. This means that the learner accesses content not just during the formal virtual training sessions or an online learning experience, but also during the lull periods or what we call as forgetting period.

What could ‘Blended Learning’ encompass?

It’s time to go unconventional and bring in norms that break barriers to go along with the digital learning. Some of these choices could be:

  1. Learning based on inquiry.
  2. Project-based learning.
  3. Global and regional social communities.
  4. Mentor-mentee outcomes.
  5. Peer-to-peer coaching.
  6. Mastery and leadership workshops.
  7. Technology deep-dive.

How can Tesseract Learning help you leverage ‘Blended Learning’ for effective learning?

We use a variety of strategies and tactics to reshape your training into a healthy and powerful mix of instructor-led training and digital learning. Scenarios, Q&A, and Storytelling are but a few of the strategies employed to convert your existing classroom training to interesting digital learning that complements your other training sessions. Now, there is a great shift towards virtual training. Hence, we recommend using breakouts sessions to discuss case studies and scenarios to grasp the concepts better.

Also, our experienced learning architects have years of experience understanding which part of the training should be digitized and what should be retained as classroom training.

Blended learning helps in learning acceleration and remediation as required. And we at Tesseract Learning capture those aspects to diversify and elevate learning to a whole new level. Blended learning environments will continue to be an important part of the future, both in the corporate and government sectors, not to mention the growing significance in the students’ academic space.

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