Empowering Employees with Cognitive Disability with eLearning 

Do you believe people with cognitive impairment can contribute to a company’s bottom line and a country’s GDP? Any inclusion strategy without them has miles to go before reaching the goal. In this article, we explore how people with cognitive disabilities can be empowered to get opportunities in the workplace through eLearning.  Diversity, Equity, and […]

Microlearning And Nanolearning In The Flow Of Work: Explore Similarities And Differences

Summary: This article explores microlearning, nanolearning, as well as their respective roles in corporate training. Microlearning Vs. Nanolearning Small is powerful. Innovation has helped to deliver effective results with more efficient means, such as smaller surgical cuts, shorter yet powerful modes of communication, and more. The computers, once as big as a room, now come with […]

3 Ways To Increase The Impact Of Your Digital Learning Programs With Storytelling

Summary: Storytelling is a powerful means of communication. A well-crafted story goes a long way in creating the right impact on the audience’s minds. Storytelling can be used for teaching concepts as well. In this article, I will share a few examples of the power of storytelling. Impact Of Storytelling On The Learning Process Stories have […]