Create Impactful Learning Through Video-based Nuggets

Create Impactful Learning Through Video-based Nuggets

Video based learning is a time-tested and an effective mode of delivering highly impactful training content. There are several ways in which video-based learning can be implemented. I will share some examples of impactful video-based learning in this blog.


In my previous blog on video-based learning, I said that Video-based Learning Strategy improves the retention of concepts due to their universal appeal and in turn improve productivity of employees I had also opined that organizations reap several benefits when they implement video-based learning nuggets to announce new products or teach innovation and cutting-edge concepts.

Video-based learning nuggets can be both self-running and interactive. Increasingly, we are seeing the growth of interactive video-based learning to make better impact on the learner. Unless the videos have high-concept graphics, information that is appealing, they can make the learner a passive observer. Therefore, it is now becoming increasingly apparent that some form of interactivity needs to be embedded in the videos to make the learners sit and take notice. This is an important part of a Video-based Learning Strategy.

How to Craft Interesting Videos

Firstly, we need to set the objectives just like we do in any learning course. Though the objectives may not be explicitly spelt out in the video, a video should be driven through pre-defined objectives. When we know the goal of the video (meaning the objectives), there is a better chance of learners spending quality time going through the video and paying better attention.

Video-based learning like any learning course need a good introduction, a carefully driven content that sticks to the objectives, a knowledge-check if required and a summary. You may ask, how can we have quizzes in a video. Well, that can be easily done if we are using some tool or frameworks to drive the video.

Video-based Learning Strategy to Deliver High Impact Messages

Be it a product launch, or a newly designed process, change management, key messages from the management team, performance support in the moment of need, video-based learning serves a variety of needs.

Video-based learning strategy have a great impact on the learners retention of core concepts that lead to better application to the work practices.

Video-based learning content can be developed using kinetic text animation, rich graphics, motion capture, real-time shot videos or live action videos and so on.

Having said this, let’s look few examples of video-based learning strategy.

Example 1: Code of Conduct Message on Changes in Organization

The customer wanted an important message to be delivered by the various members of the management team to the employees before launching the course on code of conduct. The messaging centered around change management, factors affecting the organization that are both internal as well as external, technological changes that were impacting the products and so on. We developed a video-based learning nugget that combined both live action (messages from the team members) with interesting infographics and visuals to convey the message. This set the tone for the eventual training that was delivered. This is a good example of implementing a video-based learning strategy.

video-based learning example - Code of Conduct

Example 2: Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)

The customer wanted a course for their production team on the concept of Continuous improvement (Kaizen) through a series of short videos that focused on various aspects of work practices. Small improvements made on a continuous basis has a huge impact over a period. We created videos that had interesting motion graphics and text that created the right impact on the learners. The videos were rolled out as a performance support mechanism over a period and was well received by the learners.

Video-based learning example - Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)


Video-based learning strategy is an important method to communicate crucial messages to employees. They work well in a variety of situations such as raising awareness of organization practices, or when making learners understand crucial aspects of their work.

At Tesseract Learning, we have a professional team that consists of learning specialists who can create the right video-based learning solutions. We have years of experience in understanding the needs, audience and the context for suitable video-based learning. To bring the video-based learning into life, our learning strategists are ably supported by a team of expert illustrators, visualizers and designers.

To know how we can help your organization in implementing Video-based Learning Strategy, do write to me at

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