Custom Content Development – Tesseract Learning named a top provider yet again!

Tesseract Learning named a Top Custom Content Development Company for 2021

Tesseract Learning has been recognized as a world leader in Custom Content Development for the second consecutive year by Training Industry. Tesseract Learning continues to be one of the youngest companies on the list.

This achievement is the testimony of our capability and commitment to deliver top-class eLearning content, our expertise, and the strength of our team. 

Training Industry’s selection for the 2021 Top Custom Content Development Companies was based on the company’s capability to deliver multiple types of training content, depth and breadth of subject matter, industry visibility, innovation and impact, the strength of clients, geographical reach, company size and growth potential. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has exponentially increased the hyperactivity and hyperconnectedness between people in the world and the 21st century has innovation at its peak. Through all this, disruptive education is turning out to be new normal in the learning space, which is where Tesseract comes in. Miles ahead in its vision to cater to the necessary and urgent needs, we are anchored strong and here to serve. Which is why we know for a fact, that training must be adapted and content-rich. We are the leading enablers for every organization to create professionals who have a vision that surpasses the normal norms.

Over the last 1.3 years, a transformation has taken place in the eLearning industry. The distance between the job markets and what we deliver is barely visible. We in Tesseract know that theory is no more standalone; it has evolved into practice. Multidisciplinary learning has taken off. Digitisation has evolved into a necessity than a good to have. Learning to survive is not what’s needed but it’s the competitiveness created through learning that will ensure a healthy sustainability.

“The beauty of a kaleidoscope is the constantly changing pattern still keeping the creativity alive. The world needs to look at Tesseract. We are a true reflection of where every organizations’ learning destination intends to be,” said Suresh Kumar DN, Tesseract Learning’s CEO.

Tesseract Learning breathes with the motive to provide valuable, learner-centric solutions. Our clients are competing for excellence and proving the best learning experiences to their learners. We are committed to designing learning solutions that are creative, innovative, and meet the performance improvement challenges of our customers head on. 

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