Enable Business Continuity And Maintain Employee Wellbeing And Productivity With These Free For All eLearning Modules


Remote work is the new normal. Businesses of all sizes and across industries around the globe have their workforce working remotely. There is no set plan on how we should be acting in this new normal. While some of us might have adapted to this new normal, many are still struggling to manage time, to be productive, and juggle between family and work. 

Working from home is not as simple and easy as it sounds. One needs to have the right tools, skills, and support to work remotely. This brings a whole new set of challenges for organizations to mitigate, from productivity issues, information security to stress management. For many organizations, business continuity is becoming the primary problem.

L&D teams across the globe are under tremendous pressure than ever. They need to be agile to quickly support their employees in adjusting to this new normal and deploy all the necessary training to help them work remotely and be productive. We need them to help us close the gap between our assumptions and what our employees are actually experiencing and need during this crisis.

But this also comes as a great opportunity for the global eLearning and L&D community to work together, support each other and learn from each other. To support the community and all the organizations encouraging working from home during these challenging times, we are giving away the following to help you maintain employee wellbeing, productivity and business continuity. 

1. Free for All: Business Continuity and Working Remotely eLearning Modules

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Module 1: Create and Communicate BCP

The course details the steps to manage and mitigate risks arising due to contingencies like COVID-19. The course also outlines the steps to study business impact of risks and create an effective Business Continuity Plan for the organization to manage the continuity of operations.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Module 2: Audit and Test the BCP

The course describes how businesses can keep an audit and test the Business Continuity Plan once it is implemented as well as how they can maintain a risk register to plan and manage risks as and when they arise.

Working Effectively from Home

This course helps employees with knowledge on how to work effectively, communicate with team members while they work from home.

Being Productive While Working from Home

This course helps employees with knowledge on how to stay productive and offers tips to manage different tasks while they work from home.

Managing a remotely working team

This course helps managers with helpful ways in managing and motivating team members while they work remotely.

COVID-19 Precautionary Measures for Employees

This course helps employees with useful knowledge on COVID-19 and helpful precautions that they need to take while working remotely.

Register here and get free access to all the above modules (and more to come).

2. Free 90-day Access to KREDO (Microlearning platform) with Free Pre-built Courses

We are giving 90-day Free access to our Microlearning platform, KREDO along with free pre-built courses on Communication Skills, Time Management, Information Security and Active Listening. 

With KREDO, you can Create, Publish, Manage, Reuse, and Rollout Microlearning courses – All on one platform. Not just that, you can even build learning paths, assessments, interactive quizzes, choose from gamified templates, request for a new template, and track the performance of learners with intuitive analytics.

Time Management

Get quick tips on managing time effectively. Topics include avoiding time wasters, managing priorities, and Stephen Covey’s Urgency Importance matrix.

Communication Skills

Brush up on dos and don’ts of verbal and non-verbal communication. Topics include various aspects of communication and body language.

Active Listening

Our Active Listening series includes topics such as importance of active listening, barriers to active listening, degrees of active listening, and helpful tips.

Information Security

Learn how you can protect data or secure information while working from home.

Register here to get your Free access to KREDO.

Stay tuned we will add more modules in the coming weeks. Please help us spread the word and support as many organizations as we can.

If you think we can be of more help to you, do write back to us at suresh@tesseractlearning.com

Be Supportive. Be Kind. Be Home. Be Safe!

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