How to Implement eLearning Reviews in Your Organization

How to Implement eLearning Reviews in Your Organization

An eLearning course is a great way to help your new workers adapt to your work process. Their more experienced colleagues can learn how to use new software and be more effective in the workplace. However, to be helpful, your eLearning course needs to be constantly reviewed and improved. Improving an eLearning program is all about listening to how your learners engage with your product. If you decide that you know everything, then you’ll never be able to change. This is a big problem because if you have a competitor that is open and amenable to change, they’ll soon leave you behind. Here are the proven tips to make the right changes.

Your Content Needs to Continually Evolve to Stay Current

This is true of any eLearning course, but it’s particularly true in scientific and technical fields. With the pace of change in these areas, in particular, it’s vital that your material constantly evolves. There’s nothing worse than a static and outdated course that then gets a reputation it can’t shake. Review your content on an ongoing basis, and read widely so that you’re always up to speed with the latest developments.

If your content stops evolving, then your course will soon become obsolete. If a customer recommends something in their review, you need to follow it up straight away to avoid getting left behind. Consider hiring professional writers to insert new information smoothly and keep the tone set before.

No One Gets Everything Right for the First Time

This one is largely common sense, but you’d be amazed at how many eLearning providers ignore it. You’re not perfect, so stay humble and listen to the experiences of your learners. They will have spent hours and hours on your platform, so it’s inevitable they will identify areas where you’re found wanting. Don’t take it personally, take it seriously; and then put it into action.

As Your Audience Grows, so Will the Demands on Your Course(s)

When your course is small, people will be far more forgiving. But as it grows, so do the expectations. You’re in business to educate, and to keep your learners happy. That means you need to listen to the negatives far more than the positives. Just because there are far more positive reviews, doesn’t mean the negative reviews are unfounded. It actually means you’re doing a great job, and that there are only a few teething problems to be worked out.

Positive reviews make you happy, but negative reviews make you better at your job. They’re what you should really focus on, and learn from.

Finding New Ways to Explain the Same Topics is Essential

If you want to keep improving your eLearning materials, you need to think of new explanations, demonstrations, and analogies that will allow you to connect with even more learners. Compile a list of possible new directions to go in, and then work through them in a structured manner until you find the ideal result. Change Management is a powerful way to implement these changes, so invest in it, and reap the results your hard work deserves.

Getting Started: The Tools You Need

Take a look at a few of the following resources, and you’ll be able to make the changes your customers are asking for in no time at all:

  • Project Manager is great if you want to invite collaboration from multiple teams and individuals within your organization. That way you can get maximum creative input, and still maintain the structure and order that are needed to drive change.
  • Replicon allows you to track the status of multiple projects with the click of a button. Ideal if you want to learn from your reviews, and make the changes in an orderly and structured manner.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen why you need to implement the lessons learned from your reviews, you need to come up with a coherent change strategy. Start by visualizing how your eLearning resources would look when all of the change has been taken on board, and then work backward to where you are today. This will allow you to develop the intermediate steps needed to fulfill your goals.

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