Unique Gamification Solutions for Better Learning Outcomes

Unique Gamification Solutions for Better Learning Outcomes

Gamification of training has become crucial for organizations to upskill their employees on complex concepts and processes. In my experience, gamification solutions work when we want to improve the retention rates, better application of learning to the job, and teach complex concepts in a fun and interesting manner. In this blog, I will be sharing some gamification solutions that worked well.


Gamification in training is an indispensable part of a variety of solutions that help in upskilling learners and taking them to the next level of learning. Among the custom digital learning solutions, I find gamification solution as one of the most effective in creating the right impact amongst the learners. Yes, there are naysayers who say that gamification solutions are all hype and bluster. But I agree to disagree. For me, I have seen that gamification solutions create the right impact on the learners, for the reason that it is immersive, fun and engaging all at the same time.

Gamification in Corporate Training

In corporate training, the emphasis is on two modes of training. One is bespoke or custom training and other is off-the shelf courses on various concepts.

However, when it comes to training employees on complex concepts, or concepts where the learners need higher order thinking skills, gamification becomes an important strategy. While custom courses are good, the message can drift if the learners are not attentive. Hence, gamification solution can be used to help learner pay better attention through immersive quality of the game, scoring and badges as an incentive or motivation to complete the training. Gamification solution also help learners understand the concepts well, attend to all the activities, retain the knowledge and apply it well in the job.

I have mentioned in my previous article, Creating A Great And Engaging Course Using Gamification Strategy:

“While game-based learning has a lot going for it in terms of immersive storylines, characters, avatar selection, scores, rewards and so on, the same is not with gamification. Gamification uses some of the elements just mentioned to make the course “feel” better.”

Gamification Solutions-Cases

Use Case 1: Gamified Microlearning Course – Food Industry

The customer wanted to create a microlearning course with similar gamification elements that was already implemented in the original 1 hour game-based course on food processing.

The purpose of the micro-course was to reinforce certain key concepts through a mobile platform. The advantage of a short course on mobile platform is its ready-to-use and always available format. We created this gamification solution using custom framework and implemented it quickly. The micro game was toned down in terms of levels and heavy-duty content. However, it still retained the original flavour in terms of activities and scoring options.

Gamified Microlearning Course - Food Industry

Use Case 2: Risk Management Gamification Solution

The customer wanted a course on teaching the concept of risk management/mitigation in their core areas of operations. The customer handles a large volume of customer data and hence needed a course that would sensitize their employees about data security, privacy and safe storage/handling of data.

We created a gamification solution that had all the classic features such as levels, scoring, badges, personalization and scenario-based activities.

Points are accumulated for each correct attempt of the scenario-based activities. The gamification solution was received well by the target audience and helped improve their understanding of risk management at workplace.

Risk Management Gamification Solution


Gamification can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your learning or teaching materials and make them interesting and engaging. By using the right gamification solution, the learning becomes holistic, memorable and helps learners apply the concepts better at their workplace situations.

At Tesseract Learning, our learning solution team work with you to plan, strategize, develop, and deploy learning solutions using optimal gamification and game-based eLearning strategies.

For more information how, we can work with you in implementing these interesting strategies, do write to me at suresh@tesseractlearning.com.

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