Buying Content Vs. Creating Content Vs. Curating Content

Buying content

Summary: The debate on good content, relevant content, legacy content, and futuristic content will be never-ending. Content relevance and usefulness are two pivotal aspects defining the presence or absence of an effective learning outcome. Let’s see how this content comes alive.

Which Is Best For You?

Improve Your Content’s Relevance And Usefulness

There are various ways to look at this. The approach may vary, but the underlying end goal is the same.

1. Content Geared Toward Specific Needs

The conversation is more about storage spaces. Content specific to expertise and specific needs is the need of the hour. The content could be basic or detailed, but that relevance also differs between learner profiles. This is often someone who is newer or knows less about a topic. Understanding your audience helps craft the content you need.

2. Content’s Completeness Through Change

The content in question being presented should have a logical closure as completion or a logical end to ensure continuation. Learners’ trust in this aspect is paramount. A novice can be enabled with well-rounded-off content.

3. Content Comparison To Decide

What’s in plenty today are options to choose from. This easily makes it a case for people to look in different places and draw a line of perfection. It is a feel-good factor to compare, and this capability is needed. Comparison at times helps simplify understanding; not always, but a good chance to get to the point of need is achieved.

4. Content Availability To View

Content today must be available at the snap of a finger. Convenience is key. Outdated content tends to pop up, which negates a quick view. Learners expect the latest information to help them identify the pathway to reach their goals.

Buying Content

Buying content such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) may be done with or without the availability of a learning platform. MOOCs cover a wide variety of topics. MOOC providers’ websites feature interesting classes.

  • Completing information via MOOC is neither creating content nor curating content. It could be an independent way to learn.
  • MOOC could be money-light and risk-free to test waters before committing to a full-time plan.
  • These courses are open to anyone, so you can sign up for any course or class, no matter your background or age.
  • Some of these courses are available in various languages, and some are even free.

Creating Original Content

It wouldn’t be tough to conclude that created content is unique content that the business or brand makes. The original thought creates the actual conversation. Many learning platforms help with this creation.

Aligns To Your Brand

Your own content ensures the content is on brand and on the dot. Colors, tone of voice, expression, culture, values, and ethics, all align in a manner you like.

Promotes Thought Leadership

Your thoughts, vision, and ideology seep into the language, possibly creating a new niche in the industry on that specific topic of your expertise.

Is Learning’s X Factor

Distinguish yourself from others in the industry through content that stems from issues you encounter and solutions you build.

Drives Business Traffic

Customers are always on the lookout for new content that helps drive their utilization of a service or solution from you. They love high-quality content that helps spread the word for you.

If you have an internal Instructional Design team, stunning courses can be created using various authoring tools. And if you decide to outsource this task, a suitable learning provider makes your work even more experience-filled, with more features being included in the courses.

Curating Required Content

Curated content repurposes someone else’s conversation. A strong foundation for the content is already available to be reused till you can create that unique and special content. Both your internal clients and external customers will still value the content credibility, push relevant content to your client base, and encourage conversations, possibly leading to new content requirements. However, it is also necessary that the curated content must be aligned with your original content. You can always have the curated content complement your original content to still support your insights and opinions. You create a blend of internal perspective plus external validation, illustrating your prominence and expertise in the marketplace, too.

You definitely save time and build new relationships.

Learning platforms also help consolidate such content where one learning platform gives the capability to collate content in one location through various subscription models.

A Unique Inclusion

Content has its own way of pulling you towards it.

  • Sometimes, resilience towards saying no to a possible choice helps you make another, better one.
  • A socio-emotional approach with a little logic helps expand options to better choices.
  • Think about the end goal as being learner empowerment and close collaboration.
  • And finally, deeper engagements leading to better outcomes would be the icing on the cake.

What’s Content, Really?

Content creation definitely includes more than just writing. They could be videos, photos, graphics, cartoons, infographics, apps, slideshows, podcasts, blog posts, guides, eBooks, videos, webinars, case studies, customer success stories, white papers, vlogs, etc. It’s an ocean of options to choose from.

It is tough to say this or that makes the perfect content. As long it retains originality, is actionable, and provides an answer or a possibility to get to the answer, it’s a good start. Conciseness, grammar, etc., are a given to be part of the content.


How content is put together is key to mastering, not just understanding. Otherwise, you risk losing your customers’ faith in your business’s ability to help them meet their goals.

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