Tesseract Celebrates 4th Anniversary

Tesseract Celebrates 4th Anniversary

Tesseract Learning is extremely happy and proud to be marking its 4th anniversary – an important milestone achieved only by a few start-up companies. Looking back, I do feel that time flies fast. As a young company, we have faced many challenges and at the same time we have been rewarded too for our efforts. We have learnt a lot in these 4 years and I appreciate them all.

It is quite pleasing to celebrate the 4th anniversary because of the optimism I have for the future for our learning content solutions and products looks so bright. Our customers have shown tremendous faith in us by giving us their business, by sharing new opportunities and by recommending us to others.

I am happy and grateful for the confidence shown and am sure that we will continue to excel in whatever we are doing to keep the faith.

The confidence shown by the customers is due to the consistent work by our group of talented and dedicated team members. The goal has always been to have the best quality, consistency and efficiency in mind. Those efforts and continued dedication gives us all reasons to be excited about our future.

Looking back at the 4 years of existence of this company, I’d like to acknowledge all the colleagues who have been part of the company’s foundation. I thank them for all the dedication, time, knowledge and commitment to keep the Tesseract Learning flag flying high.

Over this period, we have had opportunities of working L&D teams across SMBs, large corporations, NGOs spread across 16 countries and continue to enjoy every bit of being part of our customer’s learning journeys. To top it up, our work is continuously getting recognised globally through various awards and accolades.

To all our employees, customers, partners and family – I thank you for your continued support and dedication to Tesseract Learning. We look forward to celebrating our 4th Anniversary with our entire team at Discovery Village, Nandi Hills on 20th December, 2019.

Wishing for many more wonderful years of growth!

Suresh Kumar DN

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