Tesseract Learning has been awarded the status of Accredited Learning Technologies Provider by Learning and Performance Institute (LPI), UK

Tesseract Learning, an innovative, global, multi-award winning learning content, strategy and technology solutions company, has been awarded the Accredited Learning Technology Provider status by The Learning and Performance Institute (LPI), the leading global authority on workplace learning and development.

As stated by the LPI, Tesseract Learning has been awarded Accreditation for its commitment to high quality and process improvement in providing learning, development, and training services to clients.

LPI accreditation is the globally recognized quality mark for learning products, technologies, services, and facilities providers. The Accreditation is a rigorous process that involves an Accreditation Mentor assessing conformance through a consultative review. The review is conducted over a series of interviews along with supporting evidence.

Tesseract Learning was validated against a globally recognized quality mark based on performance data from thousands of learning providers.

“We are proud to meet and exceed these globally recognized standards set by the LPI. Being accredited by LPI further highlights Tesseract Learning’s unique and transformative approach to learning solutions and our commitment to performance development and customer service,” said Suresh Kumar DN, CEO at Tesseract Learning.

About Tesseract Learning Pvt Ltd

Tesseract Learning is an award-winning digital learning organization offering a plethora of learning and training solutions to global organizations. We work with global organizations to help them keep up with change, drive innovation, and stay ahead of competition by applying the right learning strategies to their learning programs, helping them build a workforce of thinkers, communicators, and leaders who are more agile & better equipped with skills to create a big impact. We help you build and collate learning intel data that will enable you to redefine your benchmarks and standards.

Tesseract Learning’s expertise lies in strategizing organization-level training plans for customers and working with them in the delivery of highly impactful training using varied modes such as classroom & virtual training development, training administration, digital learning, create innovative training documentation, deploy trainers to deliver training, implementation & management of LMS and performance support, including having a train-the-trainer model.

Our solutions cover –

Strategy & Consulting
Strategic Learning Analysis
Managed Learning Services
Learning Administration Services
Measurement Strategies  

Content Solutions
Custom eLearning
Blended Learning
Video-based Learning
Content Curation  
Immersive & Experiential Solutions
Virtual Reality
Scenario-based Learning
Technology & Products
KREDO Learning Platform
Off-the-Shelf Courses
Custom Learning Portals  
Learning Ecosystem

We are not just about content, technology, and products, but we are also about services, consulting, and embarking on a journey with you. We are not about the laurels of yesterday, but we are about the discoveries of tomorrow.

Tesseract bridges the digital divide across the global landscape covering varying businesses & diverse cultures, inclusive of government, and non-government organisations. Learn with Tesseract, perform for your organization and contribute, both to yourself and society.

Learn more about us at www.tesseractlearning.com.

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