How To Make Your Induction And Onboarding Training More Effective With Microlearning

How To Make Your Induction And Onboarding Training More Effective With Microlearning


You may be wondering how can Microlearning be used to support the Induction and Onboarding training?

Microlearning can be used to reinforce the key aspects of company culture, code of conduct, products, and services.

In my experience, I have seen Microlearning working well for a variety of onboarding situations. In this blog, I will share some examples of using microlearning to make your Induction and Onboarding training more effective.


In one of my previous blogs titled “Use Microlearning To Train Your Frontline Employees Better” I mentioned the following:

“Microlearning works well when it is administered as reinforcement at specific intervals of a learning journey. This method, combined with providing additional remediation or support, is also known as spaced repetition.”

Microlearning As A Support For Induction And Onboarding

Induction and Onboarding is a very crucial time for an employee to understand the culture of an organization, the products and services, organization structure, policies, and so on.

There is a lot to understand and assimilate; employees can’t get a hang of everything. Sometimes, training is rushed and employees are expected to be on-board quickly.

However, as L&D professionals, we know that Induction and Onboarding is crucial for employees to feel at home and get the right perspective about organizational work practices. This lays the foundation for employee satisfaction and performance in the long run.

Microlearning is a great tool to reduce employee anxiety by providing them with the right knowledge at the moment of need.

Despite Induction and Onboarding training, there is still a lot to remember and understand. A standalone Induction Program is not sufficient since the forgetting-curve gets steeper within a couple of weeks of training. What is required is a constant reinforcement to help employees remember the key concepts of the ideas presented in the Induction and Onboarding training.

We have implemented Microlearning to support Induction and Onboarding training at specified intervals for organizations to help them onboard their employees more efficiently.

Microlearning As An Efficient Tool For Effective Induction And Onboarding

Microlearning can be implemented to create efficiencies at every stage of a training lifecycle. At the beginning stage of an employee’s journey with an organization, Microlearning can help them with key concepts and processes of the organization.

Microlearning is built with a specific learning objective and – if delivered in highly engaging formats like videos or games – helps employees to recall concepts easily.

Let’s look at a case study where Microlearning was implemented for an onboarding program.

Case Study

Impactful Microlearning Nuggets To Support The Induction And Onboarding Program

The customer wanted us to build their main Induction program as an eLearning course to replace their existing Instructor-led classroom sessions.

As the staff strength increased, the customer was having challenges conducting repeated classroom sessions.

We suggested building eLearning as well as a series of bite-sized Microlearning nuggets delivered at specific intervals to help employees recall key concepts of the Induction and Onboarding process.

The Microlearning nuggets were built using quizzes and games, thus were fun and engaging. While Microlearning nuggets helped employees recall key concepts, the quiz format helped them to reinforce them for better long-term memory retention.

We also created short Microlearning nuggets on the various Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that the employees need to adhere to while performing their daily tasks.

These regularly pushed Microlearning nuggets helped employees remember the concepts better while making fewer mistakes at their job.

The program succeeded in improving retention of learning, completion rates, and on-the-job application of the concepts learnt.

Induction and Onboarding with Microlearning Example

Induction and Onboarding with Microlearning Example

Induction and Onboarding with Microlearning Example

Induction and Onboarding with Microlearning Example


Microlearning is an invaluable tool that provides an unmatched mechanism to reinforce the key concepts that employees learn during the mandatory Induction and Onboarding programs.

At Tesseract Learning, we mobilize an adaptive Microlearning environment using unique activity-based nuggets, and game-based nuggets while being device-agnostic. Learners get the same experience, whether on a PC, a tablet or a smartphone.

At Tesseract Learning, our ID strategists and creative designers will work with you to plan, strategize, develop, and deploy learning solutions using the right microlearning strategy.

For more information how, we can work with you in implementing these interesting strategies, do write to me at

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