Microlearning, chunked or burst of learning

Microlearning, chunked or burst of learning

When Microlearning made its advent few years ago, most L&D professionals thought it was another way of chunking large modules into smaller modules and present it to their learners. Some thought it was a nice way to introduce learning bytes through smartphone as Smartphones were making rapid progress at the same time.

The exploration phase ended couple of years back when organizations started looking at Microlearning as a serious learning intervention and not just as another refresher for the main learning.


The new thought is that Microlearning needs to be treated for what it is and should be tailored with a specific learning objective with its own activity and summary. A Microlearning course should be self-contained and not as a shorter chunked piece of a large course. This new thought is what is sweeping the learning landscape.

Mapped to Learning Objective

The learning objective should be clearly defined and the content as well as the activity should be mapped to this learning objective. When this Microlearning course is provided to the learners, they don’t think that is another drab piece of content that is just put out to force them into learning something that is not relevant or dated.

Innovation with Microlearning

At Tesseract Learning, we constantly experiment with various new ideas and we have come up with few demos that show the capability of Microlearning as standalone piece of serious learning.

We have implemented Microlearning using unique activity-based nuggets, game-based nuggets and importantly being device agnostic. Learners get the same experience, whether on a PC, Tablet or a Smartphone.


Microlearning can be used in a variety of situations. It can be given as a quick refresher to backup the classroom or face-to-face training. Or, it can be implemented as a quick learning nugget to reinforce a concept. It can be provided as a standalone activity before a training to enthuse the learners on what is to come. There are endless possibilities.

So far, we have delivered Microlearning for Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Banking, FMCG and Hospitality industries. Couple of case studies are given below.

Case studies

1. The customer wanted a short course on the drug discovery process that would help learners understand how much time it takes to come up with a new drug in the market. For this we created a short course with the requisite content and a decision tree activity to sensitize the learners about the process.

2. The customer wanted to train their employees on the basic concepts of housekeeping. We created a Microlearning module that covered aspects like making a bed and an associated activity.


Microlearning can be implemented in any industry and benefits are multi-fold. We shall discuss on the benefits of implementing Microlearning in our next blog.

If you would like to view some of our interesting Microlearning demos, please do write to suresh@tesseractlearning.com.

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