Use Microlearning To Train Your Frontline Employees Better

Use Microlearning To Train Your Frontline Employees Better

Microlearning is an important way to reinforce key concepts or act as a performance support tool in the moment of need. Using platform-driven interventions, Microlearning modules can be provided to help frontline employees get mastery of the knowledge required to perform their day-to-day tasks. In this blog, I will share some examples of using Microlearning to train frontline employees.


In one of my previous blog “Creating An Effective Learning Experience Through Microlearning Strategy“, I mentioned the following:

“Microlearning can be used to reinforce training sessions, as guided practice or as a pre-test or pre-work for the formal training session.”

In my experience, I found that Microlearning works well when it is administered as reinforcement at specific intervals of a learning journey. This method combined with additional remediation or support is also known as spaced repetition.

Microlearning To Train Frontline Employees

Frontline employees need to perform a variety of tasks that require repeated practice on a day-to-day basis to perfect. Frontline employees represent the soul of the organization and hence need to be constantly on their toes when it comes to performing the tasks correctly and diligently. Errors committed at the frontline level have a cascading impact across the organization, as their actions have a direct impact on customer satisfaction.

In our experience, Microlearning nuggets work best for frontline employees, they are of short duration, task-oriented, have good repeat value, and can be administered as quick assessments. This, in turn, helps the frontline employee remember and apply the concept well on the job.

Instead of long courses, Microlearning aimed with a specific learning objective and provided in an interesting format such as a video or a game is taken up enthusiastically by the frontline employee. Due to their intrinsic value, Microlearning works well in application of knowledge to the work area.

Microlearning for frontline employees has the following benefits:

  1. Improve retention of the concept learnt
  2. Acts as just-in-time learning aids in the field or at workplace
  3. Acts as a positive reinforcement
  4. Provide additional information over and above the main learning content
  5. Provide tips to do a job or task in a better manner

Having seen the various benefits, let us look at a case study where Microlearning was implemented for a group of frontline employees.

Case Study

Microlearning nuggets to train the frontline employees of a hospitality service provider

The requirement was to create a short and engaging illustration-based video on the concept of hospitality followed by a short quiz. This Microlearning intervention followed an existing bigger course that taught the various concepts related to hospitality management.

In the hospitality industry, especially in resorts and hotels, several standard operating procedures that are taught to the frontline employees. They need to do it right and gain customer confidence.

We created short Microlearning nuggets that covered all the standard operating processes that the frontline staff needs to perform at the resort.

The employees used these Microlearning nuggets that were pushed to them at regular intervals and helped them remember the concepts well and made fewer mistakes.

Microlearning nuggets to train the frontline employees of a hospitality service provider


To conclude, Microlearning is one of the best modes to train frontline employees to reinforce key concepts that they need to be aware of to perform their day-to-day tasks better and delight the customers.

At Tesseract Learning, we have implemented Microlearning using unique activity-based nuggets, game-based nuggets and most importantly being device agnostic. Learners get the same experience, whether on a PC, a tablet, or a smartphone.

Our ID strategists and creative designers will work with you to plan, strategize, develop, and deploy learning solutions using the right design principles.

For more information on how we can help you implement these interesting strategies, write to me at

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