Importance Of Microinteractions In Digital Learning

What are microinteractions? How can you use them to deliver better, effective, and engaging learning experiences? Today, we talk about the importance of user experience, user engagement, and user interaction in learning. But, why do we usually limit them to a website or a web-based product? Why do we not use them in digital learning?  […]

How To Design, Develop And Deliver Better Learning Experiences In 2020

eLearning or digital learning is constantly transforming thanks to new modes of delivery assisted by technology. While new technologies and approaches are emerging, we need to assess how training can be delivered in a better manner for a complete learning experience. In this blog, I will share some ideas on how you can create, develop […]

Why A Learning Ecosystem Is Required To Drive Business Results Than Just A LMS

Learning and Development function has been going through a transformation over the last decade or so with the continuous advent of newer tools, technologies and innovation in training delivery. As businesses go through transformations and disruptions continuously, L&D has to adapt to align to business needs to equip learners for the change by using the […]

How to Implement eLearning Reviews in Your Organization

An eLearning course is a great way to help your new workers adapt to your work process. Their more experienced colleagues can learn how to use new software and be more effective in the workplace. However, to be helpful, your eLearning course needs to be constantly reviewed and improved. Improving an eLearning program is all […]

Theory to Practice: Actionable Microlearning Tips

Having well-trained and knowledgeable employees is essential for any growing business. It is your job as a learning and development manager to ensure your team is properly trained and educated. As technology and your industry changes, you will need to change the way you provide information to your employees. For years, learning and development managers […]

How Microlearning & Gamification Can Improve Corporate Efficiency

Introduction There’s no question about it: technology has opened up worlds of possibilities. No longer are we tiptoeing past the novelty of advanced systems, but we are moving straight into streamlining its application across all areas of study. Whether studying for the GMAT exam to get into business school or a company training program to […]

How To Make Your Induction And Onboarding Training More Effective With Microlearning

Introduction You may be wondering how can Microlearning be used to support the Induction and Onboarding training? Microlearning can be used to reinforce the key aspects of company culture, code of conduct, products, and services. In my experience, I have seen Microlearning working well for a variety of onboarding situations. In this blog, I will […]