Unique Interactivities for Engaging Custom eLearning Courses

Custom eLearning courses need to be engaging and interesting for learners to consume and learn them. There are various ways to increase the engagement factor. One among them is using interactivities. The purpose of using interactivities is to make the learner learn by doing. This is usually done by challenging their mental faculties. The interactivities […]

Unique Gamification Solutions for Better Learning Outcomes

Gamification of training has become crucial for organizations to upskill their employees on complex concepts and processes. In my experience, gamification solutions work when we want to improve the retention rates, better application of learning to the job, and teach complex concepts in a fun and interesting manner. In this blog, I will be sharing […]

Microlearning and Gamification, a Healthy Mix for Ages

Microlearning and gamification can be combined with great results. In this blog, I will share few cases where we combined microlearning and gamification using the right strategy to create better learning experiences. Overview In my previous article on microlearning, Creating an Effective Learning Experience Through Microlearning Strategy I had noted, “Microlearning has emerged as an […]

Creating Highly Engaging and Impactful Blended Learning Trainings for Better Results

eLearning and classroom trainings have been implemented over the years for improving employee knowledge base and in improving their on-the-job performance. Blended learning programs are increasingly being adopted to leverage best of both the worlds, viz eLearning and ILTs. In this blog, I will share a few tips on creating better blended programs. Introduction Corporate […]

Create Impactful Learning Through Video-based Nuggets

Video based learning is a time-tested and an effective mode of delivering highly impactful training content. There are several ways in which video-based learning can be implemented. I will share some examples of impactful video-based learning in this blog. Introduction In my previous blog on video-based learning, I said that Video-based Learning Strategy improves the […]

Creating An Effective Learning Experience Through Microlearning Strategy

Microlearning has emerged as an important way to improve learners’ recall and understanding of crucial concepts and also use them as learning aids during the moment-of-need. Microlearning can be used both as pre and post course augmentation method. In this blog, I will share few Microlearning strategies. Overview Microlearning is becoming a crucial method to […]

Creating A Great And Engaging Course Using Gamification Strategy

Gamification has become an important strategy to take learning design and thus learning itself to the next level. In my experience, using the right gamification strategy has helped organizations to engage their audience better and reap better results on their training investments. I will be sharing some gamification strategies in this blog. Overview Gamification is […]

Neuroplasticity And Its Role In Learning And Memory

Neuroplasticity has been a topic of discussion in the areas of brain research and development in the last few years. It refers to the ability of the brain to develop new connections between synapses due to various reasons. Few examples on the relationship between neuroplasticity and learning are shared in this blog. What is Neuroplasticity? […]

Blended Learning Model as an Effective Training Solution – Examples

Blended learning is an important model of learning where large amount of knowledge and skill-based content needs to be imparted in phases and redundancies need to be avoided. I will share few examples of blended learning in this write-up. What Is The Blended Learning All About? Blended learning is a model, where some or major […]

70-20-10 Model of Performance And Training Revisited

The 70-20-10 model is widely used in organizations across the world for implementing learning programs. In this blog, I will cover the model briefly and provide some thoughts on implementing it better for successful skilling of workforce. What is the 70-20-10 Model All About? The model 70-20-10 provides broad guidelines to organizations on providing learning […]