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3 Effective And Impactful Examples Of Microlearning

Mar 22, 2022
Suresh Kumar DN
3 Effective And Impactful Examples Of Microlearning

Summary: Microlearning courses are designed to address the specific needs of learners based on their learning styles. Microlearning can bring great results when it comes to corporate training. This article showcases 3 effective examples of microlearning.

Effective Microlearning Examples For 2022

Microlearning modules keep the learning short, to the point, and engaging for the learner. They present information in small bits, thereby helping the learners retain the knowledge better. Small bits of content enable the learners to stay focused on one concept or topic at a time. Microlearning courses are well known for their versatility. These resources can be curated as part of structured learning. You can provide the courses to learners to facilitate the application of the knowledge or skill at the moment of need.

Microlearning uses different media types like images, videos, infographics, and others to present the information in interesting and memorable ways. You can combine microlearning with other learning approaches like gamification, scenario-based learning, video-based learning [1], and more to create a higher impact. Microlearning can also make boring topics highly interactive and help you teach them more effectively.

Microlearning courses are designed to address your employees’ specific learning needs, thereby saving time both for the employee and the company. Since most of the eLearning courses are made with a mobile-first mindset, learners can access the microlearning courses on the device of their choice, anywhere and anytime.

This article will look at 3 effective and impactful examples of microlearning:

1. Use Microlearning To Provide Skills Training

You can effectively use microlearning courses to provide skills training to your employees. The course shown here is on time management. Time management affects employee performance and productivity. Time management is important for employees to prioritize tasks and achieve deadlines. Good time management makes an employee more efficient. Employees with good time management skills are more productive and meet deadlines.

Screenshot of a course on time management versus priority management

This microlearning course clearly explains the matrix for prioritizing important tasks with colorful graphics and examples. Employees must prioritize their tasks to complete the most critical tasks first and the other tasks as a second priority. They should focus on the most vital and urgent tasks and reduce their time on non-essential tasks and things.

2. Include Quiz Questions To Explain The Concepts

Decision-making is important in sales. In the process of selling, a buyer makes many decisions that help them arrive at the final buying choice. Salespersons should show their interest in helping the buyers make the right decision.

Screenshot of a course on sales training

This is a course on how to make the best decision in sales, keeping in mind the customer requirements. This course covers quiz questions based on real-life scenarios. The scenarios are beautifully designed with the help of real-life characters, animated characters, and graphics. Scenarios and questions help the salespersons explain a product or service to a prospective customer, motivate the customer, and close the sale. You can use such impactful microlearning strategies to explain the concepts better to the learners.

3. Include Gamification For An Immersive Experience

You can integrate gamification with microlearning content to make it more engaging. Game elements like stars, points, badges, and levels motivate the learners to collect more, keeping them engaged with the learning content. This combination motivates your employees to complete the course. They can play a game and learn something new when they find the time or when they want to take a break from the work schedule.

Screenshot of a course on information security

This is a microlearning course on information security awareness. There was an attack to hack the server of an organization. Learners are part of the risk control team. Their task is to identify the possible vulnerabilities and risks that can impact the network in an organization. The learning approach is gamified in three levels. Learners have to complete all three levels successfully to accomplish the mission.


Microlearning is a very effective corporate training strategy. Microlearning can increase the motivation of your employees toward learning. It can help you find the knowledge gaps and address them. Microlearning reinforces the knowledge acquired and builds better retention. To learn more about microlearning, contact us or write to me at

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