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4 Actionable Tips for Digital Transformation Of Your Corporate Training
Aug 17, 2021
Suresh Kumar DN
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Digital transformation helps to create learning experiences that enhance the organization’s potential and productivity, catapulting it to the trajectory of sustainable growth. In this blog, I will share tips on making the digital transformation of your corporate training a success.

Learning never stops. Training is the raison d’etre to keep the ball of corporate learning rolling. It prepares the organization and the individual employees for opportunities and challenges.

“Become a change-ready organization. This goes beyond being able to deploy a new tool or process — it means building a culture and communication structure that is ready, willing and able to adapt to any change. After all, the rate of change and evolution in business and technology is only going to continue and even pick up speed.” ~ Keith Kitani, CEO, GuideSpark


The digital mode such as presentations, videos, and podcasts has been used for corporate training for many years. However, the digital intervention has become even more relevant in the present times, given the changing dynamics of the corporate ecosystem. Change is the only constant both at micro and macro levels. Here are some of the aspects.

Most companies now believe that one hires for attitude while skills can be taught. Additionally, candidates with experience in similar tasks are being absorbed by the organizations, even if they do not know the exact functions required for the roles.

Employees are required to multitask and upskill to maintain their relevance and to circumvent competition.

The scope of training should encompass the wide cultural radius and span the unimaginable learning possibilities. Retraining, redeployment, and new roles are essential to adapt to the changes happening within and without.

At the macro level, the most prominent and unprecedented challenge in the past few decades is the Covid-19 situation.

The pandemic has left an indelible mark on the canvas of time. It has modified the way we work and interact. Employers have been spun out of the nucleus of office space into the periphery of their homes spread over vast geographical areas. Far away yet connected.

Effective and practical training can ride on the cocktails of digital penetration that can master the dynamism of the workplace and time.

4 Tips for Digital Transformation Of Your Corporate Training

The Right Choice

In the digital deluge, it is easy to lose focus on your goals. Map your training needs. Assess the training arsenal and align them.

Corporate training encompasses a sea of skill sets. The shores may range from orientation to selling, conflict to stress management, product, the process to technology and anything in between.

The digital mode of learning includes images, audio, videos, gaming, virtual reality, which are mobile-friendly. You need to match the training requirements and the eLearning aids to build innovative, self-paced and action-oriented learning modules.

Top-Down Approach

Digital transformation is not a project. It is a corporate philosophy and discipline. It will make your organization more resilient and keep it profitable. Digital learning should be a part of the company’s culture, with the top management taking the reins of strategizing and implementation.

Without the CEO’s inspiration and involvement, the digital transformation of corporate learning will not succeed.

“There is no alternative to digital transformation. Visionary companies will carve out new strategic options for themselves — those that don’t adapt, will fail.” ~ — Jeff Bezos, Amazon


Adopt Agile

To surf through the change in the organization and the industry, it is imperative to have a dynamic training process that helps make your employees ready to spearhead the company to new frontiers.

“In today’s era of volatility, there is no other way but to re-invent. The only sustainable advantage you can have over others is agility, that’s it.” ~ Jeff Bezos, CEO and President, Amazon


A customized eLearning content development and microlearning platform can support your corporate training goals. Several features can make an eLearning creation platform agile. The learning courses have an array of templates to create whatever course you want. It supports multiple languages and devices. It can be integrated with an LMS.

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to threaten jobs, it can train people with skills to help them coexist with AI.

You can build immersive Virtual Learning experiences with gamification, Scenario-based Learning, Live role-playing, storytelling and more.

Small is powerful. An agile eLearning solution can curate simple, bite-sized, self-paced and action-oriented learning capsules through a distinctive blend of learning aids so that your corporate training strategy can keep your company buoyant and thriving in the industry.

“Think of digital transformation less as a technology project to be finished than as a state of perpetual agility, always ready to evolve for whatever customers want next, and you’ll be pointed down the right path.” ~ Amit Zavery, VP and Head of Platform, Google Cloud



As per World Economic Forum, at least 133 million new roles would be generated globally by 2022 due to the division of labour between humans, machines and algorithms. Is your organization ready?

A lot of learning templates loaded on one platform can help you create customized and micro eLearning solutions through a unique blend of these tools.

With a single platform, your company can curate versatile courses for an unparalleled learning experience, encompassing any need of reskilling, upskilling, new role creation and multitasking.


These tips will help structure the digital transformation of your organization’s corporate training.

A World Economic Forum report postulates that by 2022, everyone will need an extra 101 days of learning.

If you wish to know how our services and microlearning platform can give an edge to your corporate training, contact us or write to me directly at

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