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How To Design, Develop And Deliver Better Learning Experiences In 2020
Mar 10, 2020
Suresh Kumar DN

eLearning or digital learning is constantly transforming thanks to new modes of delivery assisted by technology. While new technologies and approaches are emerging, we need to assess how training can be delivered in a better manner for a complete learning experience. In this blog, I will share some ideas on how you can create, develop and deliver better learning experiences in 2020.

The learning industry is witnessing rapid changes that are forcing us to reimagine how we design, develop and deliver learning experiences for better outcomes for the learners and the organizations. The L&D function has become extremely crucial in preparing organizations to face the challenges arising from changing market dynamics. Organizations that are actively engaging their workforce in learning new skills, adopting new technologies to be better prepared in the competitive environment.

So, how should L&D function move forward? What are the trends that they can take advantage of in designing better digital and classroom training? How can they ensure that the learners can access the content better and in a more holistic manner?

There are two aspects to the solution. The first is designing & developing digital learning solutions, and the second aspect is delivering them in a better way. We will explore these now.

How to design and develop better in 2020


Microlearning continues to be an important way of designing digital learning. Microlearning can be implemented for a variety of topics and subject matter. It can be designed as a pre-course work or as a support to the main training sessions or even as standalone pieces of nuggets. There are ways to design Microlearning as a series and deliver to learners so that they can learn the subject seamlessly with lesser cognitive load.

Learners benefit as they get through the modules quickly and can repeat the learning many times as well. Retention is better and the application of the concept in work is better as well.

Microlearning can be implemented as video nuggets, small games, quizzes or infographics.


Videos are being used creatively in various forms of training. Be it procedural training, or imparting key information, videos are being used in both digital and classroom training. Using stock footage, photographs, icons, illustrations or combination of all these, videos are a great way of providing enhanced learning experience and will continue to be a strong trend in 2020.

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning courses are designed using a mix of confidence-based assessments, personalised learning paths, remediation using external videos, self-running animation pieces, Microlearning and more. We are witnessing the next level of Adaptive learning and it will aid in designing better courses in 2020.

Immersive VR/AR/MR

Immersive learning using virtual reality continues to grow as it is used in teaching various safety related procedures. Organizations are now looking at virtual reality as an important method to design better learning experiences and deliver it to organizations looking for more engagement.

Gamification and game-based learning

Gamification and game-based learning will continue to play a major role in designing better learning experiences in 2020. Organizations will look to implement more game-based solutions as they see them as value adders for organization-wide learning. Games that are well thought out and designed that address the needs of learners to engage them effectively.

How to deliver better in 2020

To design learning courses that are better is not alone enough, we need technology that can aid in delivering them seamlessly to the target audience.

Microlearning and Learning experience platforms

Learning and work go hand in hand. We all know this. But are L&D and business collaborating enough to make learning work well for the learners and is accessible in a format that is easily consumable and trackable?

Learning experience platforms (like Microlearning platforms) can be utilized better to provide just-in-time learning to the learners. The learning is on-the-go and more experiential and helps employees step up to the next level. Training is not a one-time effort, and LXPs and MLPs are helping deliver “Learning experiences” instead of static learning content.

Learning Ecosystems

With knowledge spread across documents, digital assets, forums, it is increasingly becoming apparent that accessing them under one umbrella will make a lot of sense. Learning ecosystem is a powerful new way of delivering knowledge by combining various knowledge bases under a single portal or system. It is like the mothership of all the ships that are sailing in different directions. Like a neural network, the learning ecosystem helps combine all systems and provide wholistic learning experiences to the target learner groups.


At Tesseract Learning, our learning and visual architects are constantly innovating and reinventing their approaches to design, develop and deliver better learning experiences.

We are constantly leveraging and utilizing the latest trends in design to deliver better and impactful learning experiences. Our focus has always been towards better engagement and retention for the learners and, performance improvement and positive ROI for the organizations.

We are leveraging our powerful new microlearning platform, KREDO to create efficiencies across the training cycle and deliver optimal learning experiences.

To know more about how our services can fit your needs, write to me at

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