How to lead effectively through Covid 19

Jun 14, 2021
Mitali Roy
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There is a profound saying that the good thing about bad times is that they never stay long. One cannot lose one’s head no matter how difficult it gets to fight against the ongoing devastation.

The wrath of the viral apocalypse has taken a toll on every individual out there.

But also, we have never seen the whole world standing united like we are getting to witness now. And covid has surely made us change the way we think and how we are used to working.

Thousands of companies, enterprises and their workers are now going through financial instability and utter future insecurities. Strong leadership can save us all from the crises of the hour.

In this situation, only a good leader can ensure the safety of his employees and provide them with the required support to stay afloat with their families. It is never easy to become a good leader. Moreover, it’s even harder to become “people’s leader”.

But during these tough times, one has to be more of a “human” to become more of a “leader”. This article talks about how you can lead your organization effectively amidst the pandemic, as this unprecedented time demands something more than your usual leadership.

1. Prioritize the individuals

As unprofessional as it sounds, we can assure you that you have to be more than a “boss” to keep the production of your institution intact. The employees that work in your company are all in need of your help. If you continue to expect them to work as they did before the pandemic, you are not realistic.

If you want your organization to grow in future, you have to become sensitive towards your employees. Go the extra mile to ensure their safety first. It is high time you show them your support and encourage them to stay safe because your organization would be of zero value if they are not safe. Your wealth is your employees, and therefore, their well-being is your responsibility.

2. Be compassionate

How are your employees supposed to be positive if you do not allow them to discuss their problems? Because finding a solution comes with addressing the problem in the first place. As a true leader, learn to know the stories of your employees.

Your employees perform the laborious work to make you reach your goals. You must stay by their side now, be compassionate and talk to them about their difficulties. Try to help them as much as you can outside the fixed salary they get. Forget about deadlines, and don’t pressurize your workers to complete the tasks before deadlines. Many employees may be dealing with the death of a loved one.

Remember that your business deals and clients can wait, but you can’t reverse death. Supporting your employees now would ultimately pay off in the future.

It’s only a matter of time before the world gets back to normalcy, but the compassion you show to your employees is only going to make them work harder for your success once everything is back on track.

3. Take a break from commercialization

Your employees are already worried about their future. The way the global economy has been blown, it is only normal for an individual to worry about the financial hardships he will face sooner or later.

But being a leader, you can issue a bonus to help them alleviate the financial pain as much you can. This will show them that their leader is not an unapproachable boss but a friend in need.

Help your people as much as you can, but don’t ever try to commercialize your act of kindness. Do not publish an article right away about how you are helping your workers. Be genuine, and therefore, forget commercialization for a while.

4. Show your vulnerability

The pandemic has shown us that it does not discriminate based on fortune, gender, or class. Your employees are human beings, and so are you. You are subjected to loss and pain as much as they are.

Do not shrink from presenting this grave reality to your workers. Make them realize that you are also going through a very tough time protecting your own family and employees from the deadly virus. As much as you open up to your employees, you would see that they care for you as much as you do for them.


Don’t forget to emphasize that this wrath of the coronavirus is bound to subside sooner or later, but the bond you create with your employees during these difficult times would remain forever fresh. Light up a candle of hope in the minds of your employees and help them as much as you possibly can.

After all, a true leader leads his team towards development, and we believe that the journey towards development is mutual. Keeping in mind these crucial points, you can emerge as a leader who, in a true sense, is capable of leading his team safely to the peak of success while defeating the viral catastrophe.

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