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How to Use AI to Support Learning in 2021

Jul 16, 2021
Suresh Kumar DN

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has become essential in recent years. Most organizations across the globe are already using AI to improve the customer experience. AI can be applied to every sector, including learning and training, to achieve better efficiencies and create new possibilities. L&D professionals can also use the power of AI to optimize the learning experience and develop unique learning strategies to deliver effective learning and training. AI can accelerate the learning process, optimize the learning methods and access to knowledge to improve learning outcomes.

In this blog, we will discuss five ways to use AI to support learning and training in 2021.

Use AI to Offer Personalized Learning Experience

A personalized learning experience is generally seen as the best alternative to the so-called “one-size-fits-all” approach in learning. AI can take this learner-centered learning to the next level in 2021. It can help you to bring personalized learning strategies to address the learners’ needs. AI helps you to identify employee skill gaps precisely and suggest suitable ways to address them. It can also help you in collecting more reliable data on how learning materials are impacting individual performance.

L&D professionals spend a significant part of their time curating the learning content as per the learner’s needs. They can use AI to do that instantly. AI can help them to provide curated content based on the learners’ needs, personal choices, and their preferred learning style, making the course content more relevant to their job. This helps to offer a more personalized learning experience to the learners.

Make Use of AI Data to Deliver Better Training

AI helps collect valuable data on what courses learners are taking, how much time they are taking to complete a course, their performance in assessments and evaluations, their feedback, and comments on the efficiency of the modules. L&D professionals can use AI to collect and analyze data to get insights on learning effectiveness.

Using this data and analyzing it, the instructors, L&D professionals, and facilitators can refine the ongoing learning or training modules. AI can help these professionals with valuable insights into refining the existing eLearning or training programs and then aligning the programs to the individual learner needs and business goals. The insights will also help them develop new training programs for effective learning.

Use AI to Integrate Learning into the Flow of Work

In recent times, most organizations want to integrate learning into the routine workflow of their employees. But most of the employees are not satisfied with the formal face-to-face learning or training, the schedule of sessions, and the format of content delivery. The learning management system (LMS) powered by AI can provide on-demand 24/7 learning assistance to your employees. Since the employees learn in their own time, the time is saved, and the learning process is automated.

AI-assisted learning can support a learner with immediate requests and just-in-time learning. AI can anticipate and provide resources and materials to your employees based on the moments of learning need. The materials and schedules are developed for the employees based on their individual learning needs and job roles.

Use AI for Better Performance Evaluation and Instant Feedback
Most of the performance evaluation tests and knowledge check questions, assessments, and quizzes are developed based on the standard approach to all employees. They do not consider the knowledge level and skills of employees. This is why some employees find the assessment too hard, while others find it very easy.

AI-powered learning systems can design tests and assessments based on the employee’s capabilities, skills, and level of learning. This helps to get a comparatively more accurate performance evaluation of the employees. Also, employees can get instant feedback on their performance.

Use AI to Improve Completion Rates

L&D professionals generally worry about the course completion rates and absorption of training. As mentioned earlier, you can use AI to provide the most relevant training content to the learners based on their preferred learning style. This motivates the learner to take up the course, which results in more engagement and higher completion rates. They can absorb the content well and are more likely to implement the learning in their job.


AI can help you to collect vast amounts of data. By analyzing it, you will gather essential insights on learning and training more accessible than ever. You can use AI to collect more accurate data on how learning materials impact individual and business performance in 2021.

At Tesseract Learning, our learning and visual architects constantly innovate and reinvent their approaches to design, develop, and deliver effective eLearning solutions. To learn more about how we can help you create engaging eLearning courses and help you achieve your learning and training goals in 2021, contact us or write to me at

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