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Immersive Visual Merchandise Planning through Retail Virtual Reality Training

Jan 12, 2024
Meeta Agarwal
Retail Virtual Reality Training


Virtual reality (VR) is reinventing the way retail employees and partners acquire various skills. Virtual reality training solutions are engaging, immersive, scalable, and give faster learning outcomes. In this article, we will focus on the scope of retail VR training in planograms and visual merchandise.


According to the Fortune Business Insights, Virtual Reality in the education market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30.7%., from $4.40 billion in 2023 to $28.70 billion by 2030. But what marks the success of virtual reality in the training and education field? Let’s look at some of the key reasons.

Increased Engagement

As per the PwC report, learners who undergo VR training feel more emotionally connected with the learning content as compared to traditional classrooms (3.75 times) and eLearning (2.3 times).

Overall Learning Effectiveness

VR training learners feel a high sense of satisfaction and are more confident in applying the acquired skills. A PwC report states they show a 275% increase in confidence in applying the concepts to real-life situations.

There is an increase in focus and an extraordinary boost in learning effectiveness, which in turn considerably reduces the training time as compared to the traditional classrooms.


VR training is not just faster; it is scalable. In this era of a hybrid workforce, virtual reality helps to train employees across the globe. This reduces overhead costs and keeps the employees ready for any workplace situation. In 2022, the reported familiarity with virtual reality usage for workplace training was about 50%. The familiarity rate was 66% in tech-savvy organizations. (Statista)

Virtual reality training solutions can certainly do wonders for the retail industry. Retail and VR are not a new equation. VR has been used to engage customers in the form of virtual showrooms, in-store navigation, placement previews, product information, and more.

It has also made deep inroads into retail training. Employees and partners can be trained effectively through virtual reality training solutions on onboarding, floor management, communication, handling customers, planogramming, etc. Here is an interesting case study that we did for one of the retail clients using VR training.

Case Study on Visual Merchandise Training Through Virtual Reality

The client strongly believes that the big brands and the Kirana stores do not merely co-exist but also complement each other’s businesses. They want to train their Kirana partners across the country in planograms and visual merchandise to help them boost their revenue. To make it as realistic as possible, they opted for virtual reality training solutions. We created a mobile-friendly course so that even deskless store employees can easily access the course at any hour of the day.

Real photos of the store along with the different product placements were used.

Even the activities were built into situations that were close to real. The content was explained through activities, and the learners were assessed in engaging ways. A few short videos were punctuated within the course, but the focus was the activities. The learners could feel that they were arranging the things as per the given stipulations. They could apply their learnings in a real environment because they had already done it in a virtual environment.

Jiomart vr1
Jiomart vr2


Virtual reality can be a powerful method to train employees and partners in the retail domain. It makes it so real and immersive. VR eLearning is effective, remote-friendly, and affordable. Virtual reality training solutions accelerate the learning journey.

Our team of instructional designers and visual designers can help you sculpt immersive eLearning virtual reality training solutions on planograms, floor management, soft skills, and more.

To know how our award-winning eLearning services and technological solutions can give an edge to your corporate training, contact us or write to us at <>

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