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Steer a Continuous Learning Journey for Professional Growth

Oct 16, 2023
Meeta Agarwal

Intro Summary

Learning is not a destination; it is a continuous process. It’s true for life, including our careers and businesses. Every single interaction at work has a learning but can new skills be learned while at work?

This article will highlight how to punctuate learning in a busy work schedule.


Let’s begin with some testimonial-based scenarios:

"I had proficiency in Java. However, my company was using Python for back-end services and data analysis. Their eLearning course and expert sessions helped me and other colleagues to master the other programming language and grow with the company."

"The eLearning course on the different products and services offered by the bank helped me to understand the minute variations and match them to the unique requirements of the customers. This has helped me to excel as a relationship manager and serve happy customers."

"The eLearning courses on risk management has helped make my workers more alert about safety procedures and have reduced both the severity and frequency of high-risk incidents."

These few examples are pointers to the fact that skill development is possible even while working and is vital for career growth. The key to success is dedication to life-long learning. However, it may be a challenge to balance work and learning. Some of the challenges to continuous improvement are as follows:

  • Insufficient training time
  • Busy work schedule
  • Unclear training objectives
  • Time-consuming course creation
  • Training is not available at the ‘moment of need’
  • Lack of learning habit
  • Training is not a priority for the company

A constant learning habit has reaped benefits for both the company and its employees, such as:

  • High-performing teams
  • High employee engagement and passion
  • Increased ROI and bottom lines for the company
  • Unveiled hidden talent within the organization
  • Expanded talent pool

“Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field.” Brian Tracy

Continuous Learning with eLearning Solutions

Non-stop learning and profession need not be oxymorons. Here are the ways to make them coexist. The answer is eLearning. Let’s see how online training can promote continuous learning which is integral to career progression.

Convenience of Time and Place

eLearning solutions can be accessed at a time convenient for each employee, irrespective of their location. eLearning is deeply aligned with the current and future trends of the hybrid workplace.

They can be taken between a series of calls, meetings, and deadlines.

Rapid Learning

eLearning modules can be created faster with a repository of engaging templates in eLearning authoring tools. They can be easily scheduled and made available at the moment of need. In fact, anyone can create courses to bridge the skills gap quicker. This reduces the challenge of time-consuming course creation.


The course content can be presented as bite-sized eLearning modules covering separate learning objectives. These are not only easy to grasp but seamlessly fit within the work hours. Employee surveys, and the proactiveness of team leaders, the marketing team, and L&D can help chart the right learning objectives.


Each of us learns individually as well as through interaction with others. eLearning helps to braid the individual space with collaborative support. A fast learning management system (LMS) will include several technological collaborations to converge online training with online instructor training as well as forums for discussion.


One fails only when one stops trying. An effective learning management system does not let you fail. The assessments allow the learners to revisit the content till they get it right. This boosts the self-esteem of the employees and motivates them to keep learning.

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” Anthony J. D’Angelo


Develop a culture of learning to emboss a learning habit among employees, agents, and other stakeholders. This is important for your business to stay ahead of the curve in good times as well as to stay buoyant during challenging times.

We have an expert team of eLearning architects to create customized eLearning solutions. Our fast-paced LMS KREDO and new-age authoring tool will help drive continuous learning in your organization.

If you wish to know how our award-winning services, learning platform, and authoring tool can give an edge to your corporate training programs, write to us at <>

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