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Step by Step Guide to Retain the Best Employees: L&D Strategy

Dec 20, 2021
Samawat Shakil

Are you looking for a way to scale up your business after the pandemic’s slowdown?

Then, you have to change your employee management approach. The reason?

The pandemic has not only changed the way you conduct business operations. It has also changed the way employees think.

Today, many employees are walking away from their current jobs in search of better opportunities. Some are even planning to switch their careers, and some plan to work remotely or as a freelancer.

In these post-pandemic changes, if you don’t want to lose the best employees, you have to understand what your employees want today?

To ease your workload, we have already figured out a solution that can help you retain the best talent within the organization – the L&D strategy.

Yep, by providing your staff with an opportunity to learn and develop, you can prevent them from going anywhere else in search of better career opportunities. According to the Workplace Learning Report 2021, Gen Z employees are keen to learn more because they believe learning can help them grow in their careers, which is true.

But how do you make learning a part of the everyday work environment? Well, scroll down to know how to use L&D to retain the best workforce in your organization.

Ways to Leverage L&D Strategy to Retain the Best Employees

L&D professionals and business executives need to come together and form a new employee retention strategy around corporate training today. It is high time to recognize L&D as a part of the employee engagement process because retaining employees’ in the hybrid work environment isn’t going to be easy.

Here’s how to use L&D to retain the best talent inside the organization:

Make learning a culture

The first thing L&D professionals need to do is make learning a permanent part of the company culture. They need to create training programs as part of the organization.

L&D executives should communicate with the employees and build a learning environment that they want. Once they know what employees want to learn, L&D and business leaders should sync organizational values and learning to achieve long-term business goals.

Focus on onboarding and training

The recruitment and onboarding process has been impacted the most during the pandemic. Companies have no other option but to conduct virtual interviews and organize remote onboarding for the employees during lockdowns.

But unfortunately, this remote recruitment process has made it harder for employees to understand the company’s culture and workflow. Thus, many employees have quit their jobs during the COVID-19 and are searching for better jobs.

However, Glassdoor research has suggested that companies with effective onboarding programs have an 82% better employee retention rate. L&D professionals need to incorporate training and onboarding processes simultaneously.

This will help employees to stay competent and productive. Therefore, L&D experts should not only focus on training employees. Instead, they should help employees to learn better and faster.

Invest in the right learning tools

When we are on the topic of better learning, we can’t ignore the fact that L&D leaders have to find the right tools to train employees. Today, there are numerous learning tools and technologies available to train employees. Therefore, it is a huge challenge for L&D professionals to find the right fit learning tools specific to training.

Over the past few years, LMS platforms have evolved a lot. Plenty of different visual and engaging techniques are used to provide corporate training, including gamification, blended learning, and more. Learning analytics is a new online learning module that helps organizations analyze the employees’ progress and customize learning programs.

So, it is essential for L&D leaders to find and deploy the right learning tools to boost learning engagement.

Promote self-paced learning

Using the learning management systems, L&D teams can help individual people to learn at their own pace. LMS allows L&D professionals to identify skills and knowledge gaps brewing in the workplace. Later using this knowledge, they can design a learning program for individual employees.

Self-paced learning allows employees to maintain a proper work-life balance. It also increases the effectiveness of the learning process. This learning module motivates employees to learn and grow. This, in return, will reduce L&D teams’ workload of encouraging employees to participate in the learning programs.

Focus on regular upskilling

If your best employees are moving out of the organization because they want to switch careers, L&D has to conduct regular upskilling programs. This strategy will help organizations in two ways:

  • First, they can retain their top talent from going to their competitors.

  • Secondly, companies can pick people from their vast talent pool when promoting or hiring competent people for senior management services. This will save time and resources spent on hiring a new person.

Parting Thoughts

If your talent bank is draining faster and your internal operations are affecting, plan and deploy a solid L&D strategy today. The learning and development programs will benefit both employees and organizations.

Employees will feel more engaged and satisfied with their role in the organization. As a result, they will not look for new job opportunities and leave companies to hunt for new employees in these tough times.

L&D is an intelligent solution to retain the best employees in modern workplaces. So, go and leverage L&D now.

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