Case Study

Custom eLearning courses on product knowledge for a large insurance company in the US


Custom eLearning courses on product knowledge for a large insurance company in the US

The Need

The company needs to train agents periodically on its various products including the homeowners insurance. The main challenge that the company faced was to conduct a number of classroom sessions for the newly-hired agents. While classroom sessions are great to provide in-depth training, the availability of trainers and scheduling of sessions was a challenge. Also, the new agents came in with a different level of experience and the company needed to level the knowledge and understanding of homeowners insurance products before the agents were able to attend the classroom sessions. The company felt that at least some part of the training can be standardized and provided as eLearning so that learners are not dependent on the trainers to get the required information.

To meet the challenge, we needed to:

  • Understand the core challenge
  • Ideate on the best possible strategy to overcome the challenge
  • Come up with a digital training plan in a short span of time
  • Create a learning journey that could stand the test of time
  • Understand the learner’s pain points better

Through the newly-developed eLearning format, the company could reach out to a greater number of learners spread across different geographical areas within the country through simple customization of state-specific information.

Our Solution

We proposed to create 7 eLearning modules each with an average duration of 20 minutes. The eLearning modules mainly focused on a variety of topics ranging from general to specific aspects of the homeowners insurance product, such as product overview, underwriting guidelines, endorsements, and the complete insurance related information required by the agents.

Proposed Customization