We are adept at creating exciting and creative solutions for a variety of requirements. Be it story/scenario-based courses, or short microlearning nuggets, game-based learning interventions, personalized learning using Adaptive learning methodology and Augmented/Virtual reality solutions, we are constantly innovating and digging deeper.

Our core strength is learning design and we use numerous strategies to ensure that our creative solutions stand out in the crowd.

Our creative solutions have helped organizations achieve business and training goals and reap several benefits. The learner is at the heart of our solutioning as we understand that only a creative solution will help learner stay engaged with the learning program. Anything less than the best may wean away learner from the core learning goal.

Creative team

Our creative team comprises instructional designers and visual architects who study the customer requirement in detail and create few mockups for the proposed solution to start with. Even before we get into a development cycle, we bounce ideas and approaches that will work to address the pain point of the customers. If the requirement is technical in nature, we also provide a detailed document of the technical architecture, the back-end structure as well as wireframes to help customer understand our solution.

Employee engagement

Enhance learner experience using creative solutions

Our creative solutions in corporate training deliver more value for performance enhancements in the following ways:

brightness_1Our creative solutions are based on Design Thinking

Design thinking is a relatively new phenomenon in the world of elearning. Though it has been used for half a century in other fields, surprisingly learning industry has adopted it recently as customers are increasingly looking for creative solutions. Design thinking is based on the principles of empathy, iteration and thorough testing. Unlike earlier days, today increasingly IDs empathize with customer pain points and suggest solutions that work instead of pushing the standard learning products. Sometimes the customer may only require a video and not a course. This is what we do in our interactions with customers.

brightness_1Increasing performance of learners

Whether we are implementing a microlearning or a gamification solution or an adaptive confidence-based assessment solution, we ask ourselves, "Will this work in improving learners' performance?" We focus on helping the learners remember the content well and apply it on their job.

brightness_1Create memorable content

Whatever creative solution we create we ensure that it is memorable and action-oriented. As creating responsive courses is one of our forte, we keep that in mind when developing content.

Collaborative solutioning

Here is portfolio of our creative solutions:

Story/scenario based solution

Using story or a scenario is a time tested strategy that works in a variety of training situations. Stories/scenarios allows the learning to stick in the mind of learners long after the course has been taken. A course that has a strong story that weaves the thread of learning content as a coherent whole helps in creating the right impact.
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Collaborative solutioning
Collaborative solutioning

Microlearning solution

Microlearning is not just a buzzword but is a powerful new way of implementing short impactful training. We specialize in creating microlearning solutions that are fully responsive and work on a variety of platforms. For us microlearning is about teaching for a specific objective only. Unless the course meets the specific objective, it is not impactful
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Gamification and Game based solution

We are adept at creating game-based as well as gamification solutions that address the core needs of the learners, which is improving their understanding of the subject and improve performance at job. We have implemented several gamification and game-based solutions for a variety of requirements.
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Collaborative solutioning
Collaborative solutioning

Adaptive learning solution

Adaptive learning is an innovative and a completely new way of providing instruction. Instead of a regular learning path, the learners can choose their own path albeit a small caveat which is to take confidence-based assessments. If the learners pass the assessments, they can completely skip a lesson. This way, the learning duration varies for various types of learners. At Tesseract Learning, we have taken Adpative learning practice to a whole new level.
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AR/VR solution

Whether it is just-in-time learning or learning a procedure that potentially involves risks, AR/VR is the right solution as it provides a safe way of learning. We have recently started the AR/VR practice and are now building prototype solutions that will help organization reap benefits by implementing them
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Collaborative solutioning