Creative Solutions

Our Approach

The Strange + Wonderful thoughts you let into your head…the more varied source material you have to pull from

Creative Solutions

We are adept at creating exciting and creative solutions for a variety of requirements. Be it story/scenario-based courses, or short microlearning nuggets, game-based learning interventions, personalized learning using Adaptive learning methodology and immersive Augmented/Virtual reality solutions, we are constantly innovating and digging deeper.

Our core strength is learning design and we use numerous strategies to ensure that our creative solutions stand out in the crowd.

Our creative solutions have helped organizations achieve business and training goals and reap several benefits. The learner is at the heart of our solutioning as we understand that only a creative solution will help learner stay engaged with the learning program. Anything less than the best may wean away learner from the core learning goal.

Creative Team

Our creative team comprises learning architects, instructional designers and visual architects who study the customer requirement in detail and bounce the ideas and approaches that will work to address the pain points of the customers. Then, create few mock-ups to demonstrate how the proposed ideas/approaches will work before the development cycle. If the requirement is technical in nature, we also provide a detailed document of the technical architecture and wireframes to help customer understand our solution.

Enhance Learner Experience Using Creative Solutions

Our creative solutions in corporate training deliver more value for performance enhancements in the following ways:

Here is portfolio of our creative solutions: