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How Microlearning helps?

Better Engagement for Learners

To start with, Microlearning engages the learners better as it is targeted for a specific learning objective and is of shorter duration. Microlearning content is not more than 5 to 10 minutes, and thus learners don’t feel the fatigue factor of going through longer courses.

Better Retention Of Concepts

Short Microlearning courses are designed to address one learning objective and can be presented in a couple of screens as video and animation or 2 animation pages. Because of this, learners are able to understand what action needs to be performed or the learning outcome that needs to be accomplished. The result is better retention of concepts

Better Transfer To The Job Of The Concepts Learned

A Microlearning course helps learners to understand the concept better as the concept is directly mapped to an action that the learner must perform in the job. The memory drop after training is also reduced as learners can take the Microlearning course at any place and any time to refresh their understanding of the concept.

Benefit For The Organizations-Faster Development And Easy Deployment

Microlearning courses are faster to develop and deploy, and thus they fulfill the needs of the organization to train their staff very quickly without investing a lot of time on cumbersome and long training modules.

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