LEADERS’ SPEAK: Candid During COVID19 (Session 1)

Lockdown is in place, employees are working from home, and businesses have been disrupted – forcing us to take stock and reinvent the way we live, work and learn.

Businesses need to build critical people capabilities, be resilient and innovate a way forward.

Join us on 14th April at 4 PM IST when we kickstart this new webinar series, where L&D leaders from different industries across the globe will:

  • Share early lessons and insights on the current crisis
  • Share the challenges HR, Talent and L&D function is facing and how to handle them
  • Suggest short term and long term strategies
  • Finally, talk about what the future looks like and what should we be prepared for?

Panellists for the 14th April session:

Surya Prakash Mohapatra
Global Head-Talent Transformation, Wipro DOP

Jagmohan Singh Rishi
AVP L&D, Wockhardt Ltd

Neelacantan B
L&D Head, Swiggy

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