26 August 2020

LEADERS’ SPEAK: Reshaping L&D, Talent and HR Functions

COVID-19 is permanently changing the traditional modes of learning, communicating and working. This raises a lot of questions in our minds like, how can employees train and acquire new skills without group-based, facilitated learning sessions that have been the norm for decades? How can leaders manage performance of their remote teams and gain real-time engagement? What will the experience of training, engaging and working be in this new world?

In this webinar, we will discuss how COVID1-9 is reshaping L&D, Talent and HR functions or rather how should these functions be reshaped. What industry experts across the globe believe may help organizations keep up, become more strategic and be prepared.

Join us on 26th August 2020 at 4 PM IST to discuss:

Are L&D, Talent and HR functions strategic for the business?

What are we doing or what should we be doing to be strategic to the business?

Are L&D, Talent and HR functions catalysts for change?

What does the future hold for L&D, Talent and HR functions?


  1. Vaibhav Goel, Group Head – HR Performance Assurance, Governance and HR 2.0, Reliance Industries Ltd
  2. Praveen Menon, Chief People Officer, IndiaFirst Life
  3. Anurag Verma, Vice President – Human Resources, Uniphore

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