Flash to HTML5

Flash To HTML5

Flash is dying, your content does not have to!

HTML5 has revolutionised the way content is loaded on various devices. Thanks to HTML5, there is a great demand to create engaging and responsive digital learning solutions for various devices. But L&D professionals everywhere face a dilemma, “What about our legacy Flash courses? Should we confine them to the history bin?”

In the rush for responsive courses, do not discard your legacy courses that can still be effective with their engaging content and relevance. Instead, use our MigrateEazy solutions to convert your Flash content to HTML5. We have migrated more than 1,500 hours of Flash content to HTML5 successfully and can make your conversion project seamless and cost-effective.

Corporate ELearning Migration

Our customer, a leading technology solutions provider wanted us to convert more than 100 legacy Flash courses of varied run length to HTML5. We seamlessly converted the still useful and highly relevant Flash courses to HTML5 using our established framework – MigrateEazy

The customer continues to use these courses and saved a significant amount of money and effort.

The entire volume was migrated in a record time of 20 weeks. The customer was happy with the smooth transition, timely delivery and cost-saving.

Dream With Us

Our Solution: MigrateEazy

To ensure that Legacy courses are easily converted into HTML5, Tesseract offers MigrateEazy solutions that can convert legacy Flash courses to HTML5 quickly and effectively. We use our established framework that helps in creating a seamless transition from legacy courses to modern and sleek courses.

MigrateEazy solutions help you to easily migrate legacy Flash eLearning courses to HTML5 as is or we can use the legacy content and rebuild them using the latest learning strategies.

Whether it is a straightforward requirement to convert Flash to HTML5 or a ground-up approach, our strategy team will come up with the right approach for you.

Our team of experienced instructional and usability specialists will work closely with your team to create cost-effective yet instructional, visually and functionally rich designs to meet your project requirements.

MigrateEazy is a highly flexible and agile solution to migrate legacy eLearning courses to HTML5. Our MigrateEazy solutions include: