Free Business continuity and remote working eLearning modules


Enable Business Continuity in this challenging time

With the current pandemic, most of the workforce across the globe are working from home. This brings a whole new set of challenges for organizations to mitigate, from productivity issues to information security and business continuity is becoming the primary problem for many organizations.

Tesseract Learning wants to help in any way we can. We are releasing free eLearning modules to help you maintain employee wellbeing, productivity and business continuity.

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Business Continuity Planning Module 1: Create and Communicate BCP

The course details the steps to manage and mitigate risks arising due to contingencies such as COVID-19. The course also outlines steps to study business impact of risks and create effective plans to manage the continuity of operations.

Business Continuity Planning Module 2: Audit and Test the BCP

The course describes how businesses can keep an audit and test the Business Continuity Plan once it is implemented as well as maintain a risk register to plan and manage risks as and when they arise.

Working effectively from home

This course helps employees with knowledge on how to work effectively, communicate with team members while they work from home.

Being Productive While Working from Home

This course helps employees with knowledge on how to stay productive and tips to manage tasks while they work from home.

Managing a remotely working team

This course helps managers with helpful ways in managing and motivating team members while they work remotely.


This course helps employees with useful knowledge on COVID-19 and helpful precautions that can be taken while they work remotely.