Game Based Learning

Game-Based Learning

Produce serious results with Game-based Learning solutions

“Creativity, problem solving, critical and analytical thinking, decision making, risk taking, all are found in game-based learning”. –Mark Grundel

Tesseract Learning combines its deep expertise in game-based instructional design and visual design to create immersive, engaging and memorable game-based learning solutions.

Reach The Summit – Visual Menu With Gaming Elements

The requirement was to create a highly engaging course. We suggested using Gamification to take the learning experience to the next level. We used the analogy of climbing a mountain. When learners complete a section or topic of the course, they receive points for completing every activity within the section. The activities appear at the end of each section to check if the learner has mastered the concept. The scores are accumulated across the sections and the final score is displayed at the end.

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When we analyze any game-based requirement, we brainstorm on the “learnability quotient “of the game. A learning game can truly engage or help the audience learn only when it has sufficient learning value which is tied with the objectives of the game.

For example, if we create a game on credit analysis and sanctioning loans, the objective could be to make the learner apply the concept learnt to become a better judge of the credit structure of a prospect. The learner encounters all the standard gaming elements such as mission, points, badges, false flags, dead-ends, information and so on. However, at the same time through feedbacks or other tools, the learner is provided information on how to correctly analyze the creditworthiness of a prospect.

While the game takes its course, the learning also happens at the same time. Feedbacks and repetition should be provided to ensure that learner restarts the game if the objectives are not met.

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Our gamification solutions in corporate training deliver more value and performance enhancements in the following ways: