Customized ILT/VILTs

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

Most training is not memorable because it is not interactive and engaging. Our instructor-led training materials for both face-to-face and virtual medium equip your instructors to provide more impactful training, helping your employees perform better. We achieve this by creating visually superior ILT and VILT decks and supporting materials.

Induction Program

The customer wanted to make their Instructor-Led training material more engaging for new employees on their training path and learning goals. During the exploration stage, we learnt about the instructors, their current approach to teaching and what ammunition required to create better engagement in the classroom. We then firmed up a strategy to enrich the Facilitator Guide by introducing appropriate user based activities for better engagement and visually enhancing the ILT decks. The Participant Guides were completely revamped to make them visually appealing. We proposed that the Participant Guides should be printed in a book format rather than a mere handout, to ensure that the learners use them after the sessions and do not discard it.

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Professionally Designed,
Aesthetically Enhanced ILT Courses

Subject matter experts may not have the skills to design great ILT materials. Often, trainers rely on the power of their personality and words to impart training. Given this fact, you may be hard-pressed for resources to create the right and most effective training materials.

The audience will pay better attention to the ILTs when the decks are visually engaging and well designed. Our expert’s design your Instructor-led training materials with creative methods of instructional and visual design that will help you reap benefits. Our focus is to equip your trainers to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in delivering the right learning experiences.

Based on the inputs received from you, our team of expert instructional designers and visual artists either enhance the existing materials or build them from scratch. Our professional team sticks to the timeline in delivering the training materials.

Creating Memorable And
Impactful Training

Compared to the standard ILT materials, well-designed ILTs can deliver more value for your money in the following ways: