format_quoteInnovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.format_quote

- Steve Jobs

At Tesseract, our aim is to constantly better ourselves through continuous innovation as well as bring out disruptive solutions.

Through continuous innovation, we aim to constantly give better solutions to our customers as well as work on our processes with agility and quality of people and products.

We are also working towards breakthrough solutions in various areas of learning such as Artificial Intelligence, automation, virtual and augmented reality and adaptive learning. We also have worked on solutions that help customers migrate their legacy courses faster.

As part of our practice, we continue to innovate with various types of microlearning strategies as well as game based solutions as these have been creating great impact in the minds of the learners helping them put into practice what they have learnt.

For us innovation is all encompassing and are not restricted to one domain. We work towards creating solutions in various domains such as Learning Experience, Technology Architecture and Visual Design.

Innovation with host of Authoring Tools

We work with a variety of authoring tools to create optimal learning experience for the target audiences. Using our creative instructional and visual design practices, we constantly endeavour to work with tools to create the right engagement and interaction.

Out of the Box solutions

Sometimes the customers ask for a totally out-of-the box solution that is a breakthrough in the way subject is presented or taught. We have encountered such situations and have come up with the right solutions. One case study is presented on below.


  • Ipad

    Application training

    The customer wanted to train their employees on the various aspects of their application. We suggested creating a game which had scenarios, scoring, levels, unique activities and interactions that would make the learning interesting and engaging. The game created the required impact.

  • Ipad

    Internet of Things

    The customer wanted to train their employees on newer technologies such as IOT (Internet of things) related to medical equipment. They wanted the course to be fully responsive that had to run on all devices (tested on 14 different devices). We created an engaging and interactive eLearning course for their employees that had interesting activities and interactions.

  • Coffee company in Vietnam

    The customer wanted a short microlearning course that will help their employees understand the various aspects of production cost and other costs involved in coffee making. We created a fully responsive microlearning course using Custom HTML5. The course was engaging, interactive and fun and had numerous activities that were used for the first time.