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The KREDO microlearning platform improves efficiencies at all stages of your training lifecycle.


What kind of reports can be generated using KREDO?

KREDO can generate reports based on course progress, learner progress, completion rates, quiz performance, most trending courses, leader board.

How can I track a user’s performance using KREDO?

User performance can be tracked in two ways 1) Based on assessment scores 2) Based on total time spent on course completion.

Are there digital badges available for learners who complete a course?

Yes. Based on learners performance badges will be issued.

What devices can be used by KREDO? Can KREDO be used on desktop/ laptop?

KREDO is a web platform, so it can be used on desktop/laptop. Also KREDO is available as an App for both Android and IOS.

What type of notifications are available in KREDO?

Kredo supports Mobile app push notifications web push notification.

Can we prevent users from turning off notifications?

No. Current version of KREDO doesn’t supports notification settings.

Can questions, answers and feedback contain media such as videos or images?

No. Current version of KREDO doesn’t supports media in questions.

Can we create interactive video based courses using KREDO?

No. Current version of KREDO doesn’t supports interactive video.

Can I use existing SCROM or other eLearning content?

No. Current version of KREDO will not accept other eLearning content or SCORM packages.

Is there a version control for the content?

No. Current version of KREDO doesn’t support version control for content.

Can content developed in KREDO be exported?

Yes. Based on customer requirements we will enable export option.

Is KREDO available as an installed application?

Yes. Application will be available for only Android and IOS devices.

Can KREDO work with an LMS?

Yes. Using external API you can integrate KREDO courses to any LMS.

Does KREDO have to be used with an LMS?

No. KREDO itself a platform and it will track all user activity and generate a reports.