Leader’s speak candid during covid19 webinar3

12th May 2020 Session Recording

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COVID19 has pushed the world in a temporarily closed mode. Every business across the world has been affected.

Human Resources is in the front lines of an employer’s response to this crisis. Talent acquisition and retention remain critical and L&D is in the front lines to ensure employees are equipped to work and perform remotely.

LEADERS’ SPEAK: Candid During COVID19 is a webinar series that aims to bring together HR, Talent and L&D leaders from different industries across the globe to help the community.

In the third session of the sub series Candid During COVID19 on 12 th May 2020 we discussed:

Early Lessons

Early lessons and insights on the current crisis


Challenges the L&D function is facing and how to handle them


Suggest short term and long term strategies

The Future

Finally, we discuss what the future looks like and what should we be prepared for?

The next session is scheduled for 27th May 2020. More details on the events page.

Panellists of the 12th May session were:

Anita Guha
CIO Talent Advisor, IBM

Dr Madana Kumar
Global Head Leadership Development, UST Global

Srinivas K S
enior Director & Head – Learning and Development, Biocon