LEADERS’ SPEAK: How to Communicate, Engage and Upskill your employees amidst COVID19 session 1

How to Communicate, Engage and Upskill Employees amidst COVID19 (Session 1)

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Organizations and their employees are now adapting to the new normal. The world is starting to bounce back from the Corona pandemic and businesses are starting to reopen.

As we move forward there are many questions that pop-up around how you should move forward – should you cut communication and training budgets? Are your employees engaged? How much communication is enough? Are you preparing your employees for post COVID?

It is overwhelming. But if long term survival is your goal, now may be the best time to communicate, engage and upskill your employees.

“How to Communicate, Engage and Upskill Employees amidst COVID19” is a subseries of Leaders’ Speak that aims to bring together HR, Talent and L&D leaders from different industries across the globe to help the community mitigate challenges during and post this pandemic.

On 10th June 2020 at 4 PM IST we discussed:

How to Communicate

How to Engage

How to Upskill

What the Future holds

Panellists of the 10th June session were:

Anil Kumar Misra
Chief Human Resources Officer, Magicbricks

Anindya Bhattacharyya
Director & Head, Sales & Marketing Academy, Cipla

Divyasree Pawar
Global Head of Learning Delivery, Intel