format_quoteWe need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning.format_quote

- Elliot Masie

To take learning to the people, Microlearning in corporate training needs to be just-in-time, easily accessible, and relevant. Microlearning modules are small pieces of focused "right-sized" content to help learners accomplish a specific learning outcome. Microlearning courses in corporate training are easily deployable and accessible to the learners, which is synced with your business priorities, at the required pace.

Enhances productivity and ROI

Using microlearning strategies, the trainings will assist in enhancing productivity and ROI by enabling the learners to develop and sustain core skills and competencies. Though microlearning modules are small, we develop them using rich media, activities and interactions to capture learners’ attention and making learning stick. Thus Microlearning in corporate training enhances productivity of employees and increased ROI for organisations.

Enhanced productivity

Value for money

Microlearning can deliver more value for your money in the following ways:

brightness_1Saves time and is effective

Your employees can take microlearning courses anywhere and finish it fast. Microlearning courses in corporate training are of very short duration and are easily accessible. Specific needs of learners are addressed using the just-in-time microlearning courses.

brightness_1Interactive and flexible

Learners can choose from a wide range of topics that are specific to their work areas. These courses are highly interactive and are built using activities, gamified interactivities, amongst others that can be used to teach the concepts effectively.

brightness_1It promotes employee productivity and requires minimum effort

As learners spend only the right time for learning the topics on hand, it improves their productivity.

Value for money


  • Food processing demo

    Food Processing

    The customer wanted to train their employees on various aspects of food processing from sourcing of the food to delivery of the packaged products. Instead of a traditional course, we creating a game with features such as avatar selection, scoring, points, levels, leaderboard and badges which made the whole game experience fun for the learners.

  • Compliance course

    Compliance course

    The customer wanted their employees to know about the various mandatory aspects of regulatory compliance that the organization needs to adhere to. This course contained case studies and scenarios helping learners understand the subject well.

  • Drug Discovery demo
    Drug Discovery

    The customer wanted their inductees to understand and appreciate the process of drug discovery. We created a microlearning course with an interesting decision tree activity wherein the learners need to select the right molecule that will eventually be released as the approved drug.

  • Nutrition

    The customer wanted an exciting microlearning course that would act as a refresher on an existing course on Basics of Nutrition. We developed the microlearning course which had innovative and interesting activities. The microlearning nugget was part of a series of such nuggets that helped the learners recall the concepts well.

  • Kaizen demo


    The customer wanted a course for their production team on the concept of Kaizen which means continuous improvement. For this interesting topic, we created a microlearning module addressing a specific objective with an activity at the end.

  • Hospitality demo


    The customer (a large hospitality services provider) wanted a quick refresher module addressing the specific objective of making/preparing a bed in a hotel. We created a microlearning module addressing this specific objective with some activities added in to help the learners understand the concept well.