format_quoteTimeliness, proximity, versatility – these are among the key measures of today's high-impact learning organization, mLearning plays a critical role in helping organizations meet the demands of these measures.format_quote

- David Mallon

Mobile Learning(mLearning) is now the preferred mode of knowledge transfer over traditional eLearning. Mobile Learning helps employees learn at their own pace by accessing the courses on their personal devices, which in turn makes a positive impact on their productivity. mLearning Solutions are not desktop eLearning in miniature form.

Learning flexibility leading to better performance

The learning experience will be the same irrespective of the device being used such as PC, Tablet or Smartphone to access the courses with the responsive technology. By understanding the learners’ mobile usage habits, preferences and the relevant interactions, we can create the right mLearning solutions for learners to enjoy the learning thereby helping them perform better.

Mobile learning

Mobile learning is versatile and cost-effective

Mobile learning continues to be popular, because it is both cost-effective and versatile in the following ways compared to traditional eLearning:

brightness_1Enhanced learning that leads to better performance

Learners prefer learning methods that are in sync with their daily activities. This just-in-time and need-based learning mechanism leads to high quality performance at workplace in terms of solving problems, performing specific tasks or enhancing skills quickly. Thus mLearning solutions leads to enhanced learning and better performance.

brightness_1Multi-device learning that promotes learning flexibility

Learners can access courses on a device of their choice and learn at their own pace. This flexibility makes learning more engaging and intuitive. It also helps employers to continue encouraging the BYOD strategy. mLearning solutions allow for this type of flexibility.

Multi-device courses

brightness_1Using authoring tool of your choice

We offer Mobile learning course development using the authoring tool of your choice. Our expertise of authoring tools is listed below:

Custom HTML5
Articulate Storyline


  • Active Listening demo

    Active Listening

    The customer wanted a course to train their sales force as well as the staff on the importance of active listening as part of the soft skills training. This fully responsive course had interesting interactivities and scenarios helping learners to perform better on sales calls.

  • Compliance course demo

    Compliance Course

    The customer wanted their employees to know about the various mandatory aspects of regulatory compliance that the organization needs to adhere to. This course contained case studies and scenarios helping learners understand the subject well and comply with.

  • Internet of Things demo

    Internet of Things

    The customer wanted to train their employees on newer technologies such as IOT (Internet of things) related to medical equipment. They wanted the course to be fully responsive that had to run on all devices (tested on 14 different devices). We created an engaging and interactive eLearning course for their employees that had interesting activities and interactions.

  • Coffee company demo

    Coffee company in Vietnam

    The customer wanted a short microlearning course that will help their employees understand the various aspects of production cost and other costs involved in coffee making. We created a fully responsive microlearning course using Custom HTML5. The course was engaging, interactive and fun and had numerous activities that were used for the first time.