Moodle LMS

Moodle LMS

An economical alternative to expensive enterprise LMS

Moodle LMS now dominates the sector just as Google dominates the search engine market. – Dr. Geoff ElliottMoodle LMS | TesseractLearning

Moodle LMS is a great platform to roll-out training successfully at a much lower cost as compared to an Enterprise LMS. With Moodle LMS, you can automate and centralize your training delivery and management. Moodle LMS is easy to customize, flexible and feature rich

Hospitality Course

This course entails a short and engaging illustration-based video for a Hospitality customer. We used Microlearning as a follow-up strategy to the original course that teaches various concepts related to hospitality management.

In the hospitality industry, especially in resorts and hotels, several standard operating procedures are taught to the employees that they need to do right to gain customer confidence.

The original course was 2 hours long covering all the standard operating processes. Microlearning nuggets were created to cover key objective for easy recall and help employees at their moment of need.

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Moodle Is Versatile
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Moodle LMS proves its superiority to Enterprise LMSs in the following ways: