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How to Create an Impactful Adaptive Learning Program

Adaptive learning is an innovative personalized learning methodology that uses algorithms, confidence-based assessments, and competency mapping in training and learning. Confidence-based assessments have become popular because they quickly assess the learner’s understanding and provide the required remediation immediately. In an adaptive learning course, learners receive the same content, but with a different approach. Content is provided to them based on their confidence level for a topic. The ultimate goal is to help learners achieve mastery over the subject and to save their learning time.

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Adaptive learning helps employees to have flexible learning schedules. The platform allows employees to choose their learning path. Learners can learn from the content at their own pace. Thus, employees perceive this training as an opportunity, and not as a task to be completed.

This eBook includes the following:

  • Guidelines

    • Classifying the content into must know vs nice to know
    • Defining clear learning objectives
    • Having meaningful assessments
    • Providing remediation immediately
  • Benefits of Adaptive Learning

    • One-to-one instruction
    • Greater time efficiency
    • Confidence-based approach
    • Individualized learning paths
    • Personalized learning for heterogeneous group
    • Focused remediation
  • Case Studies

    • Time Management – We presented this course using an adaptive learning framework to help learners learn the concepts in their unique personalized way and we successfully implemented it. The course completion rate was 98%.
    • Nutrition Basics – We developed this course using an adaptive learning framework with confidence-based assessments and remediation that included links to industry journals and tips by nutrition experts. The course completion rate was 95%.

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