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How to Create an Impactful Gamification Experience with Success Stories

The use of gamification in learning has been increasing in recent years. There are several benefits of gamification, such as increased retention of concepts, better application on the job, and achieving training and learning goals. Gamification experiences help the employees improve their behavior and also motivate them to make better decisions.

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In this eBook, we discuss the following guidelines on gamification elements, which will help you to create impactful and effective gamification solutions to your employees.

  • Mission/Storyline

  • Mission Objectives

  • Characters, Avatars, and Narratives

  • Player Control

  • Progression

  • Immediate Feedback

  • Mastery

  • Case Studies

    This eBook also contains some case studies of gamification that we implemented successfully. Like:

    • Risk Management – We presented this course using a gamified approach, with interesting scenarios, activities, levels, scoring, rewards, and a mission objective, to help the employees understand the technicalities of risk management. The course completion rate was 94%.
    • Mission Game with Story – We developed this exciting and game-based solution to teach employees about various activities of the food processing industry. Learners collect points by overcoming various challenges and move ahead. The course completion rate was 84%.
    • Racing Challenge Game – We developed this course using a racing game challenge with different levels, points, rewards, and badges. The idea helped the employees refresh their understanding of the operations of their organization in a fun and engaging manner. The course completion rate was 89%.

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How to create an impactful Gamification experience with success stories

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