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Let us help each other during this difficult time.

Free 90-day access to eLearning content and KREDO.

Precaution is better than cure. This holds true now right now than it has ever before.

Looking at the COVID 19 pandemic, many organizations across the globe have implemented a work from home policy. To help learners across the globe during these difficult times we are giving a free 90-day access to our Microlearning platform, KREDO along with the following bundle of pre-built microlearning courses. You can assign and rollout these courses to your learners for free!

Time Management

Get quick tips on managing time effectively. Topics include avoiding time wasters, managing priorities and Stephen Covey’s Urgency Importance matrix.

Communication Skills

Brush up on do’s and don’ts of verbal and non-verbal communication. Topics include various aspects of communication and body language.

Active Listening

Our Active Listening series includes topics such as importance of active listening, barriers to active listening, degrees of active listening, and helpful tips.

Information Security

Learn how you can protect or secure information while working from home.

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Not just that, you can even build learning paths, assessments, interactive quizzes, choose from gamified templates, request for a new template and track the performance of learners with intuitive analytics.

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We will add more pre-built courses on COVID 19 and other topics that can help learners working from home on KREDO.