Video based learning is a powerful and effective method of learning new concepts. When implemented correctly, video-based learning solution has the right impact on the minds of the learners. Videos have the power to captivate, entice, and educate learners. Rightly built videos, meaning right sized videos with appealing graphics, visuals and narration help the audience connect well to the subject being taught and lead to better decision making.

Video based learning in corporate learning improves the retention of concepts due to their appeal and in turn improve productivity of employees Organizations reap several benefits when they implement videos to announce new products or teach innovation and cutting-edge concepts.

Why Videos?

The popularity of videos on social media platforms or vlogging platforms cannot be overemphasized. Music videos have garnered billions of views in YouTube. Many professional and amateurs use YouTube to teach and entertain their audiences. In social media platforms, videos have time and again proven to be the method to “break the internet”.

Video Based Learning

Create better learning experiences using video-based learning

At Tesseract we have created video-based tutorials, interactive animations that have helped organisations to communicate important messages to their audiences. We create two types of videos viz, (1) Tutor/Instructor based (human) and (2) animated videos.

For Tutor/Instructor based, we strategize and write scripts which are given to the tutors to enact and shoot as well as record the video.

Animated videos are created basis the scripts and visualisation. We also use green screen technology to merge tutor and animation graphics.

We understand that video-based learning add value to their existing learning solutions and lead to performance enhancements in the following ways:

brightness_1Unique and innovative approach to making videos

At Tesseract Learning, we envision and create videos that are short and are specific to the moment of need. We use a variety of instructional and visual cues to make the videos engaging and informative. Videos are powerful methods of communicating important new announcements related to the product and company policies and change management. We understand this and use variety of techniques like motion graphics, white board animation, kinetic text animation and so on to create the videos. Instructional designers tend to add games in courses to make these more interesting. In the case of tutor-based videos, we write scripts and integrate animation elements within the video.

brightness_1Engaging videos leading to action and implementation

When developing videos, we ask ourselves, “will this solution lead to better learning outcomes”. “will this video lead the audience to take concrete action”, or “will this video empower the learner to make better choices?”. We focus on the actions that learners will perform while taking the video. The focus is both on the visuals and the text that delivers the message. This approach has helped learners perform better.

brightness_1Better impact leading to better productivity

Learners benefit from videos and use the new learning to improve their performance and thus leading to better productivity. Organizations are pleased if the business goals and learning outcomes are met for the monies spent on the solution.

Our professional team consists of learning specialists who can create the right video based learning solutions. We have years of experience in understanding the needs, audience and the context for suitable video-based learning. To bring the video based learning into life, our learning strategists are ably supported by a team of expert illustrators, visualizers and designers.

Video Based Learning