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We create world class learning products that help our customers' deliver their trainings in a meaningful and constructive way. This further empowers their employees with the right knowledge and tools to excel at their core work area.

As a reliable and trusted eLearning partner, we constantly focus on providing optimal yet cost-effective eLearning, Mobile Learning, Microlearning, Adaptive Learning, Game based learning solutions, eLearning consultation, amongst others.

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  • Customer Service demo
    Customer service

    The insurance company wanted to train all their customer service executives on the new CRM application. We worked with the customer to develop an innovative eLearning course by integrating scenarios and intelligent practice sessions in the course.

  • Compliance course
    Compliance course

    The customer wanted their employees to know about the various mandatory aspects of regulatory compliance that the organization needs to adhere to. This course contained case studies and scenarios helping learners understand the subject well.

  • Corporate Governance demo
    Corporate Governance

    The insurance company wanted their employees to understand the various aspects of corporate governance. This course comprised of scenarios with practice activities to create the right learning experience for the learners.

  • Kaizen demo

    The customer wanted a course for their production team on the concept of Kaizen (continuous improvement). For this interesting topic, we created a microlearning module addressing a specific objective with an activity at the end. We created a microlearning course on this concept that acted as a quick refresher for the learners.

  • Drug Discovery demo
    Drug Discovery

    The customer wanted their inductees to understand the process of drug discovery. We created a Mricrolearning course with an interesting decision tree activity wherein the learners need to select the right molecule that will be released eventually as the approved drug.

  • Flash to HTML5 demo
    Flash to HTML5

    Customer had more than 100 Flash courses to be migrated. Our strategy team worked with the customer to develop a framework to integrate varied courses types into single framework and delivered the courses on time.


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