Blended Learning Solutions

Blended Learning Solutions

Are you looking to combine the best of classroom and digital learning?

“Blended Learning is not just a trend, And we are starting to see technology integrated in really intentional ways.” – Katie Linder

Blended learning is an approach that combines the best of two worlds, face to face teaching with periodic support of digital learning or vice versa. Modern learners are always on the move and must perform the dual job of learning new skills as well as performing optimally. A blended approach to training can make this happen.

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It’s been great working with Tesseract. Hey are very adaptable. Quick turnaround and deadline oriented. Their ability to understand requirements, provide key inputs is excellent and they also ensure the customer is satisfied completely.
Lead Training Developer, MetricStream
I work with Tesseract because I trust the team there. They take ownership of the work they do, and they are more like a teammate than a vendor. They are always up to date on the latest learning trends and technologies, so they are a wonderful thought partner on projects.
Senior Learning Lead, CSAA Insurance

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Case Study

Blended Learning program

Problem statement

The existing classroom training was a 9-day program and was heavily dependent on the trainer’s expertise to create the right engagement for the target audience. The exercise was time-consuming and the trainers were not always available.

Our Solution

We proposed to convert the introductory and awareness level topics to digital learning format and turning some of the classroom activities into online games.


The classroom training time was reduced from 9 days to 5 days. Digital learning helped the learners prepare well for classroom training. The game also helped them apply the concepts learnt better.

How Can You Utilize Blended Learning to achieve short and long term goals?

Today’s learners are always on the move and have to perform multiple tasks that require them to constantly learn new skills and upgrade their knowledge base.

Classroom training is not always sufficient to help learners. There are several reasons including the availability of the trainers, training schedule, and time pressures.

Given all this, it makes sense to take a blended approach to training. In short-term standardized digital learning will help learners complete their training quickly without the need of an instructor. In the long-term, the organizations can combine the best of the classroom and digital learning for optimum performance of the learners with better impact.

Digital learning games add to the advantages. They increase engagement and retention rates. While classroom training can help learners understand complex concepts and perform group discussions and role-plays, digital learning helps in standardizing many aspects of training and its main advantage is that it can be taken anywhere anytime.


Blending the right way and in the right quantity to have better quality training

We understand your needs and would recommend the right strategy to create impactful blended training programs. Our experienced learning architects have years of experience in understand which part of the training should be digitized and what should be retained as classroom training.

Create the right blend for higher impact

After a thorough review of your existing classroom sessions, our learning architects propose the right blended training approach. It includes recommendations on whether the pre-course work can be digitized, which portions can be made into interactive custom learning courses or interactive games or standalone animation pieces. The revised blended training plan is created with the aid of your subject matter experts.

Varied strategies to create a powerful blended training

We use a variety of strategies and tactics to reshape your training into a healthy and powerful mix of classroom and digital learning. Scenarios, Q&A, storytelling are but few of the strategies that are employed to convert your existing classroom training to interesting digital learning that complements your other training sessions.

Using the authoring tool of your choice

We offer innovative digital eLearning solutions using the authoring tool of your choice. We are experts 12+ authoring tools and technologies and can develop and deliver courses to your platform seamlessly.